Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

Free (With Signup) Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

New Features:​

YouTube Music Support
  • You can now select YouTube Music as your music service.
  • Download YouTube Music Desktop for Windows, Mac or Linux and get your favorite music started. Check out the docs to learn how it works: 6K Labs Docs
  • The music service of your choice isn't linked to any profile but simply has a different url that you can copy. This also enables you to have the same Amuse design with mutliple music services if you choose to.

Bug Fixes:
  • General bug fixes to improve stability

New Features:

  • With Profiles, you can create different versions of the Amuse widget, each tailored to fit seamlessly into your streams.
  • Want a bigger player for Just Chatting but need a smaller one for gaming? That's now possible with Profiles!
  • Every profile has its own special link, so you can easily mix and match in OBS, giving each scene its own flair.
  • Feel free to get creative — you can design up to 5 different profiles!
Hide On Pause
  • When enabled, Amuse will hide when you pause your music.
  • You can choose a hide delay which will delay the time it takes for Amuse to hide.
Only Show On Song Switch
  • When enabled, Amuse will be hidden and only pop up for a set amount of seconds when the song changes.
  • You can choose how long you want Amuse to be visible.

New Player: Discord
Discord Members have an exclusive badge on their profile


  • Amuse is not limited to OBS anymore so you can use it wherever you want, which means you can now also use it in Twitch Studio, TikTok Live Studio and other live streaming applications.
  • The dashboard has been redesigned!
  • The audio visualizer animation is smoother now.
  • "Generate new URL" has been renamed to "Generate new secret token" and moved to the Profile tab under "Security".

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed some visual glitches
  • General performance boosts

Important Notes:

  • Make sure to refresh the browser source if you have it open currently.
  • Some users have reported that the widget would not show up. If this is happening to you, please open your browser source and at the bottom click on "Refresh cache of current page". This may fix it.
  • The redirect url for spotify apps has changed. If you already linked your app, you don't have to do anything. If you want to relink your app or create a new one, add/use the new url in the docs.

What's next?

Since more and more people have been asking about YouTube Music, support for it will be part of the next update. Stay tuned!
This update includes enhancements in usability and the initial setup process.


  • Settings have now been migrated to the Dashboard on the website instead of being nestled within the browser source.
    • Dashboard:
    • Settings will update in real time.
    • This modification makes the initial setup process more intuitive and easy to understand.
    • Additionally, this addresses issues that surfaced with Streamlabs OBS, where interacting with the source was confusing and sometimes glitched around.
  • There's no longer a need to adjust the browser source width and height.
    • The player now adjusts automatically to the size it's been set to
    • For a higher resolution, simply make the browser source window in the settings bigger by adjusting the width and height.
  • Instead of manually moving the widget within the browser source, you can now just move the source itself.
  • Documentation has been revised to reflect these new changes.
  • Temporarily disabled OBS scene based designs since it caused problems for some people. Once a better working solution has been found, it will be added again.

Important Notes:​

  • Please note that if you already added Amuse to your stream, this browser source alteration will increase the size of your widget inside the browser source. If you previously had it set at 1920 x 1080, you may need to scale down the browser source.