1. Omegadev

    Free Music on stream - A web based current song / now playing overlay

    This Chrome extension lets you display a now-playing overlay on your stream from sources such as Spotify, YouTube, YouTube music, and many more. Installation The installation is straightforward and is detailed here Why use it? - The extension supports both YouTube chapters and video...
  2. SuperZombi

    Melody Monitor 0.2.0

    Shows what the music is playing now. This plugin allows you to display what music is currently playing on your broadcast. This is useful in cases where viewers want to know what song is currently playing and allows the streamer not to be distracted by these types of messages in the chat. The...
  3. I


    Hello good people :D. Basically I got an audio output capture source in my OBS which is my screen audio, which obviously captures my spotify when music playing. I have this screen audio checked on all 6 tracks so any audio from my screen can be heard in VOD, which means if I add spotify in an...
  4. J

    Spotify static noise while using application audio capture(New PC, Fresh Install W11, OBS 29.1.3x64)

    Hello, I have been having audio issues for almost a year now. Any source captured by application audio output capture(game audio, Discord, Spotify, Chrome, etc) randomly goes static with no pattern that shows in between each occasion. However, I never hear any program going static on my side...
  5. A

    Spotify on OBS

    So it didnt always used to be this way but now it is. When i try to stream using OBS and have spotify playing it stops after every song. When a song ends i have to go back into the spotify Source and go to properties and reselect it because its displaying the next song name. Is there a...
  6. N

    Free Current Song 2 v0.1.0-alpha.9

    The documentation is located at The goal of the project is to create a simple yet powerful overlay that displays the currently playing song. There are a few unique features separating this project: - Near zero latency ⏱ Current Song 2 doesn't poll applications or APIs...
  7. 6K Labs

    Free (With Signup) Amuse - Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget

    Introducing Amuse by 6K Labs ✨ Stand out from the crowd of streamers by incorporating Amuse, the Spotify & YouTube Music Now Playing Widget. Let your creativity flourish and maintain a consistent aesthetic across your scenes. Discover Amuse today, and elevate your streams! Features: Modern...
  8. Domakingo

    TUNA title too long

    Hi all! I'm setting up tuna for displaying Spotify title. I want to make the title slide when it exceed a pre-set length, while if it is shorter it remains stationary. So far I've only been able to make it always scroll in a loop or not scroll at all. How should i do? Thanks :)
  9. K

    Help w/ OBD/Spotify/Microphone

    Hello! I am spending hours on YouTube and can’t figure this out. I am a live streamer, I want to stream music from Spotify. But I also want to listen to the music and not have to turn it down, and I don’t want to listen with headphones. Is there a way to play the music or is my mic always going...
  10. D

    Spotify maxes at -20db?

    Hi, Recently went through and updated and reconfigured everything and found that while using Application Audio Capture, Spotify seems to only be captured up to -20db, despite being at full volume in windows/in the app itself etc. I can hear it at the expected volume through my headset, but...
  11. DichterNebel

    Free STICLI v0.9.x

    Store information about your currently played Spotify track for further use. This .Net Core console app gathers information from Spotify API and stores them into text and image files that can then be used e.g. within OBS. You might see this as an alternative to OBS Tuna or SNIP when using...
  12. soulofthewhiteaunt

    Window capture - Spotify won't display

    Hi, Recently I was able to capture a Spotify window and it displayed perfectly. Now it will only show three grey dots at the top left. When playing Spotify, the track name comes up, but nothing appears except these three dots! It's mysterious, as it was working a couple of days ago. All...
  13. D

    Looking for an Audio Visualizer

    Hi! I am currently looking for a plug-in. Indeed, I would like to animate my live with a "visualizer" like those of Windows Media Player back in the days. But, I would like it to respond to a particular sound track in OBS where I listen to Spotify. I found a chrome extension named ...
  14. D

    Visual effect music plug-in research

    Hi everyone! I'd like to make an effect but I can't find how on OBS. Basically, I play a music in the background on Spotify, with a looping animation, and I'd like the video of the looping animation to "zoom in" to the rhythm of the music. I've tried the "Scale To Sound" plug-in, but I set it...
  15. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Snip - Now Playing - Spotify & iTunes 0.1

    This Script allows you to impliment the Now Playing Widget using Snip, but instead of using a browser source such as this awesome widget by ZyphenVisuals it instead uses OBS Sources. This LUA script uses a Scene named 'Snip' containing several Sources that can be nested as a single Source in...
  16. mmattbtw

    Free TwitchTunes v1.2.2

    TwitchTunes is a Twitch bot that connects with Spotify, to work as a song request bot. If you need help with setup, join the TwitchTunes support Discord server -> `⚙` Setup View manual setup instructions here -> `❗`...
  17. Avn

    OBS Python Spotify Song Title v1.0

    Hey I've written a github repo, which will help out anyone that wants to display the currently playing songs name & artist in OBS! It's super easy to use; you won't need to try to set up any APIs
  18. rayps

    OBS Lua Mac Spotify Now Playing Track Info 1.2

  19. NulledNoah

    Free SpotiText - A very fast tool to save your current song to a text-file.

    SpotiText is built in C# and provides a simple-to-use graphical-user-interface and provides a fast way to save your currently playing Spotify song to any text-file you provide. Very simple to use and once configured correctly, on next start-up, will prompt you to a tutorial on the working in's...
  20. DrunkuzTV

    {ENG/PT-BR} - [HELP PLEASE] how can I use my Deezer account to do "Now Playing" on OBS Studio?

    [ENG] Hello everyone, I need a help! I'm a Deezer Subscriber for many years and now I want to include Deezer on my OBS Studio to do a Now Playing. How can I do it? It's possible? I'm very desperate to do it. I really need it! [PT-BR] Fala gurizada, beleza? Preciso de ajuda! Eu assino o...