1. NulledNoah

    Free SpotiText - A very fast tool to save your current song to a text-file.

    SpotiText is built in C# and provides a simple-to-use graphical-user-interface and provides a fast way to save your currently playing Spotify song to any text-file you provide. Very simple to use and once configured correctly, on next start-up, will prompt you to a tutorial on the working in's...
  2. DrunkuzTV

    {ENG/PT-BR} - [HELP PLEASE] how can I use my Deezer account to do "Now Playing" on OBS Studio?

    [ENG] Hello everyone, I need a help! I'm a Deezer Subscriber for many years and now I want to include Deezer on my OBS Studio to do a Now Playing. How can I do it? It's possible? I'm very desperate to do it. I really need it! [PT-BR] Fala gurizada, beleza? Preciso de ajuda! Eu assino o...
  3. J

    Spotify into SLOBS

    I been trying to input Audio into my stream with several apps (BlackHole, ishowaudio, etcs) nothing seen to work. can anyone help? I'm running Macbook Pro M1 with BigSur.
  4. F

    Free OBSCompanion - Spotify and Amazon Music Song Detection

    One of the limitations of a lot of Spotify "now playing" apps is that they rely on Spotify to not be minimized into the system tray. If it is, most of these apps are unable to read the window title and parse the artist and song name. This app tries to work around that issue. It also has support...
  5. HetIsJoey

    Free NowPlaying Widget [Spotify/StreamElements]

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Setup: 1. Register on the website: 2. Verify your account with the link send to your registered email! 4. Login in! 5. Connect your Spotify or StreamElements. 6. Add the...
  6. 3

    Playing music in stream for viewers only(muted on desktop)

    So just as the title says. Quick simple tutorial on how to play music while streaming, so only your viewers can hear it. I've tested it with spotify, VLC, winamp and wmp on Windows 10 pro Click here for the Tutorial Video(youtube) -Easy to setup -No additional software needed -works with...
  7. N

    Free Current Song Overlay [YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify/VLC and more] 0.1

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Ideally you'll install the extension, start a service, and you are good to go. In contrast to other tools, the current song is shown with a minimal delay (often none). Additionally, you can run...
  8. NoNamePro0

    Free SongFile 1.0

    Features Supported Music Software - Spotify - VLC - and more.. Install & Usage - Download the software from the 'Releases'. - Extract the zip file to any folder you want. - Now open OBS/XSplit - Create a new Text Layer (for OBS: "Text (GDI+)") that is reading its text from a file. -...
  9. Z

    Free Zyphen's Now Playing overlay 2.1

    This is a quick Now Playing overlay I created, inspired by the awesome widget created by Aiden Wallis. Video demo available here. Video tutorial available here. Why use this? If you ever tried using Aiden Wallis's widget, you might know that it has a pretty slow refresh rate, and if the...
  10. M

    Spotify and Skype on OBS Studio

    Hey everyone! Somewhat of a quick question but for me it seems like a hard to tackle problem. Whenever I try to stream I have a starting page that counts down. On this page I have spotify sourced in so when its playing my stream can pick it up and show the song and album cover with Snip. The...
  11. Z

    Non-OBS Script Now Playing Widget 2.2

    I wanted to have a local solution that does not rely on an external server uptime, so here we go ! Here is a simple html file that uses the text and cover generated by Tuna to show an animated "Now Playing" Widget. Requirement Tuna : How to...
  12. erikpt

    Free Spotify Now Playing App 1.03

    SpotifySongNameApp Quick and easy way for streamers to show their currently playing track from Spotify in OBS I wrote this after hearing some streamers describe their frustration with other plugins that are pay for play or having to jump through a lot of hoops to get the song name to display on...
  13. diegohsmty

    Question / Help How to balance volume when having: Spotify + Zoom + Music band playing live

    Hi guys, I lead the music ministry in my church, so I need to do some facebook live streaming... I need to include the church service lead on Zoom, while I'm playing the music (connected to my laptop, using an audio interface - focusrite scarlett 2i2)...and before it all begins, I need to put a...
  14. L

    Question / Help spotify stops playing when i open obs

    i'm not even trying to stream or anything. just trying to listen to music while i record. whenever i open obs spotify goes mute, and when i close obs i can hear it again. can someone help me fix this issue?
  15. J

    Question / Help Muddy Audio from Desktop Source

    Hi, Hoping you can help me out with this recurring issue. My mic and my game audio sounds fine, but muddy when the sound comes through a browser or music player such as iTunes or Spotify. I've tried searching the forums for this topic, which led me to the guide about installing AAC. Even after...
  16. Xaymar

    Free Now Playing Display (via Last.FM) 2020-02-04

    Upgrade your stream quality with a stylish and modern "Now Playing" display! With this you can replace your text based "Now Playing" display with a slightly more styled up text based "Now Playing" display - and for free with just standard OBS Studio. All you need is a Last.FM account and a...
  17. M

    Free Spotify OBS Player 0.6.1b

    Free and open source spotify player overlay for streamers, who would share about currently played music. How to add to OBS? 1. Run Program 2. Click start button and authorizite 3. On OBS add window capture and catch window "Playback" 4. Hurray you did it Current version: 0.6b Github...
  18. universallp

    Tuna v1.5.3

    Tuna Lets you display information about the currently playing song in obs without running a third-party app. Currently supports these music sources: Spotify (All song information, including Cover art) MPD (All song information, including Cover art) VLC Video source (All song information...
  19. G

    Question / Help OBS/Snip/Scrolling Text

    Hello All! Is there a way to configure snip to where a short song title comes up (from spotify) no scrolling happens but when a long song title comes up it begins to scroll within the box I've created? I've been searching all over for an answer to this but haven't found anything yet. The first...
  20. A

    Question / Help delete