1. universallp

    Tuna 1.3.1

    Tuna Let's you display information about the currently playing song in obs without running a third-party app. Currently supports three different ways of music sources: Spotify (All song information, including Cover art) MPD (All song information) Window title (additional formatting, like...
  2. G

    Question / Help OBS/Snip/Scrolling Text

    Hello All! Is there a way to configure snip to where a short song title comes up (from spotify) no scrolling happens but when a long song title comes up it begins to scroll within the box I've created? I've been searching all over for an answer to this but haven't found anything yet. The first...
  3. A

    Question / Help delete

  4. Deckerz

    Free OBS Spotify v1.0.1

    A different method of getting your song information from Spotify. This app uses Official Spotify API to get the details of your currently playing song. Features: Minimize to tray Official Spotify API Usage Easy To Use Set Up: Extract ZIP Launch app Click Set Auth and follow browser...
  5. Jared5595

    Question / Help Browser Source - Needs to open new window to login

    I'm using the browser source for a highly customized spotify player to display now playing info for an upcoming work function. The player I forked and edited has a "Login with spotify" button needed to login, but the browser source doesn't open the login window (should open a pop-out window from...
  6. P

    Question / Help How to get Spotify current track info while live streaming on Chaturbate (MAC!)

    Hey guys! So I know that it's possible to have the current track info shown on an OBS stream from Spotify on Windows, and for Twitch, but haven't been able to find a way to do so on Mac. Also I'll be streaming on Chaturbate, if that information is pertinent. (Not sure how much crossover there is...
  7. H

    Free Launchpad Controller for OBS 1.2

    You want's to control your stream environment like a pro but you don't want to pay 150$ for a streamdeck ? There is the solution ! You can use your already acquired launchpad or buy the launchpad mini for 78$ (half of the price of a streamdeck) This tool is simple, this is how it works : And...
  8. X

    Question / Help Sound issues with OBS and Twitch

    Hello, i have some sound issues during the stream. I stream League of Legends and i listen to music in Spotify. My problem is that if i am Live the sound basically laggs. So the music and ingame sound is playing and than in the Stream there is no continuous normal sound because there are gaps...
  9. R

    Question / Help My obs isn't pickup up spotify

    hi im trying to setup my stream im new to it and i want to use spotify for music but when i play songs on it I can hear them but obs Doesn't pick it up im using the desktop application for spotify I'm on windows 7 and am using 2 inputs one speaker and one headphones for my headphones one is for...
  10. S

    Question / Help Adding Spotify Playlist as Browser Source

    Hello There! So I had an idea recently, as part of my Twitch stream, I have a segment where I showcase a local, or undiscovered band or artist. As an added feature to perpetuate this segment, I had the idea to add a spotify playlist containing these artist as a browser source into one of my obs...
  11. Inzaniity

    Free Songify Slim v1.1.0

    # What is Songify Slim? Songify Slim is a slimmed down version of my original software Songify. Songify Slim was brought to life because Spotify decided to shut down the local API which Songify was originally built on. # What does it do? It fetches the currently playing song from Spotify...
  12. Inzaniity

    Free Songify Slim

    Inzaniity submitted a new resource: Songify - Gets the currently playing song from spotify. Read more about this resource...
  13. RedW0lf007

    Free OBSCurrentSong (Spotify) V1.28

    Displaying the current song playing on Spotify! Usage. 1. Create a folder and extract the zip file in the folder. 2. Open OBSCurrentlyPlaying.exe 3. Go to OBS create a text source then press tick "Read from file" then select the text file where you placed in the folder you first created...
  14. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    MusicBuddy V. Info Simple tool for getting the current song that you're playing and creating a text file with the song name. Supports Foobar2000 iTunes Spotify VLC Winamp YouTube | Chrome only SoundCloud | Chrome only How to use Download it. Extract it anywhere. Start MusicBuddy...
  15. Koffeth

    Free MusicBuddy [Supports Spotify, YouTube and more!]

    Koffeth submitted a new resource: MusicBuddy - Fetches the current song from different media players Read more about this resource...
  16. A

    Non-Free SMG now playing 2.22

    This is a tool made for streamers who want to display their music on their stream. Current version v2.17 Download link Youtube video guide SMG web plugin What programs does it support? Desktop music players: Foobar2000 AIMP3 Winamp VLC media player Spotify iTunes Mediamonkey Zune Jriver...