Snip - Now Playing  - Spotify & iTunes

OBS Lua Snip - Now Playing - Spotify & iTunes 0.1

This Script allows you to impliment the Now Playing Widget using Snip, but instead of using a browser source such as this awesome widget by ZyphenVisuals it instead uses OBS Sources.

This LUA script uses a Scene named 'Snip' containing several Sources that can be nested as a single Source in other Scenes to show a Now Playing Widget.

Snip.exe - is a small application that sits in the system tray and updates a text file with the currently playing audio track.

Snip.lua - reads the information from the text files for the currently playing audio track and updates 'Text Sources' in OBS.

Snip.exe - will write a generic format output to a file called `Snip.txt` within the same folder as `Snip.exe`.

To use with OBS Lua in this script you have to choose `Save information separately` within the settings for Snip.exe

This will create the following files:




Use Source Copy to import Snip `Scene & Sources` from Snip.json

The freeware platform for Snip is Copyright 2012-2021 David Rudie


Find Snip Application on GitHub
Find Snip OBS Lua on GitHub
Find OBS Source Copy
To get Started:

  1. Download and install snip.

  2. Define snip using either iTunes or Spotify
    1. Important: If using Spotify, you may consider getting Spotify Premium

    2. Authorise Snip with Spotify
  3. Download and install Source Copy as this is needed in the next step, to import Snip Scene & Sources:
    1. You may also create these manually:
      1. Create a Scene, Name it Snip (Or whatever you like)

      2. Add 3 x Text Sources and name them EXACTLY:
        1. 'Snip Track'
        2. 'Snip Artist'
        3. 'Snip Album'
      3. Add 1 x Image Source and name it EXACTLY:
        1. 'Snip Artwork'
  4. Download Snip LUA containing two files:
    1. Snip.json
    2. Snip.lua
  5. Add Snip LUA via the OBS LUA Script UI

  6. Import the Critical required OBS Scene containing Sources (see ref 3.1.2) using Source Copy

  7. In OBS lua Define Snip LUA settings correctly:
    1. Select the path where snip.exe resides as this is where the critical text (*.txt) files will be generated by snip.
  8. Because Snip LUA uses OBS Sources the Text Properties (Style), layout, transitions and filters can be customised to suite your needs.
    1. You can safely add Source elements to the Snip scene, such as for example a Color Source as a Background color palette

    2. You can select your Font amily Type, Size, Color ect

    3. You can change the layout as you see fit.
  9. The Widget will only show if Spotify or iTunes is Actively Playing a Track.

Some Sample Images:





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doesn't work. it keeps auto hiding the source and only the album cover, but NOT the text files update