1. khaver

    OBS Lua RGB Adjustment Tool filter 1.1

    Unzip the LUA file into your scripts folder and load the filter-rgbtool.lua script. Add the "RGB Adjustment Tool" filter to your source. Click the "Show Tools" box and using the "Move Graph" slider, position the graph out of the way. Using the "Center X" and "Center Y" sliders, position...
  2. P

    OBS Lua showhtk 0.1.0

    showhtk A simple OBS script to show pressed common hotkey form (e.g. Ctrl+C, Alt+V) in screen. Demo: Instructions 1. Download the showhtk.lua and save to any folder you like. 2. In OBS, create a new text source, and design it, because showhtk.lua doesn't design...
  3. S

    Lua script property with OBS_TEXT_INFO not updating properly

    I'm writing a Lua script and attempting to add an informational text label to my script properties using a text property with the text type "OBS_TEXT_INFO", which I think is fairly new (maybe added in v28?). The property add looks like this: local p_info_text = obs.obs_properties_add_text(props...
  4. KGeetings

    Help with modifying Instant Replay Lua Script to incorporate Source Record

    Hello, I want to first state that I am still fairly new to programming in Lua, and am definitely looking for help and suggestions for my code. So I have taken the Instant Replay script made by Jim and Exeldro, and have attempted to modify it. What I want to be able to do is use the multiple...
  5. HisZd

    Lua Filter Source Can't Get Parent Sceneitem

    I am trying to create a filter source that manipulates the parent sceneitem's visibility using timers. I have successfully retrieved the parent source and scene, but when I try and use obs_scene_sceneitem_from_source(scene, source) I just get nil. I will attach my script, but it is VERY messy...
  6. khaver

    OBS Lua DeBlemish Filter Script 3.0

    Lua script to add a de-blemishing filter. Add the DeBlemish filter to your source. Click the "Select color" button and click "Pick Screen Color" and select a pixel in the skin. Click "OK". Check the "Show mask" box and use the sliders and Hue, Saturation and Value checkboxes to adjust the...
  7. khaver

    OBS Lua VAPS - Volume Automation Per Scene 1.1

    Reads a text file of scene names with audio automation parameters for each audio source in each scene. With the checkbox unchecked, create a scene list text file in "Scene List to Save" by "Browsing" to a folder and enter a file name. One by one, select each scene in your Scenes dock...
  8. M

    Lichess Next Challenger 1.0.1

    A simple script that will get the next challenger from and display the challenger's username in the text resource selected. To install, download the latest release and unzip into a folder of your choosing. In OBS, create the Text Source you want to use to display the name and then...
  9. khaver

    OBS Lua Color Curves 1.2

    This Lua script adds a Color Curves filter for color correction by adjusting red, green and blue curves. Load the script into OBS. Add a Color Curves filter to a source. Check the Graph checkbox to see the RGB adjustment curves. The High Point, Mid Point and Shadow Point sliders move the...
  10. khaver

    OBS Lua Clone Stamp 1.2

    A Lua script to add a clone stamp effect filter. Use for removing unwanted objects, etc. in a source. Add the script using the OBS Tools->Scripts menu. Add the Clone Stamp filter to a source. Check the "Show Destination and Source" checkbox. The red tinted area is the destination (the stamp)...
  11. Suslik V

    OBS Lua UnFish Lens 2022-05-21

    This script adds the "Unfish/Fish Lens" video effect filter. Compatible with OBS v21.1.2 and later. Usage: Download (or make it from the source code) the "filter-fish-lens.lua" script-file (MD5:B7094F27EEA1E2CE864BDB6A2E946ED2) Navigate to main menu Tools>Scripts>Add_button("+") and select the...
  12. khaver

    OBS Lua Chromatic Aberration 1.3

    This Lua script adds a chromatic aberration filter. Adjust red, green and blue as desired. You can also set a central zone that's not affected. Use the "Show protected center" checkbox to see the limits of the central zone. (tested only on Windows 10)
  13. J

    OBS Lua SmartStart v-1.0.0

    Simple script allowing to launch several applications at OBS startup
  14. A

    Image Source - Changing the file path in Lua

    I'm sure one of you cleaver people will know the answer, my problem is that I want to change in script (Lua) the file and location for an Image Source. Basically to change the source from displaying one countrys flag to another. The flags are .png files stored on the local machine. I have the...
  15. khaver

    OBS Lua Lens Flare #2 1.3

    Another Lua script to add a lens flare effect filter. Use the "Show Target" checkbox to set the flare source location. The "Use Image Intensity" checkbox uses the brightness of the source image at the target location to affect the flare. Use the "Threshold" slider to adjust the level of...
  16. khaver

    OBS Lua Lens Flare 1.4

    A Lua script to add a lens flare effect filter. The "Use Image Intensity" checkbox uses the brightness of the source image at the center point location to affect the flare. Use the "Threshold" slider to adjust the level of brightness that affects the flare. "Animate Rays" slowly spins the...
  17. khaver

    OBS Lua Corner Pin 1.6

    A Lua script that adds a four corner pin transform effect filter. Adjust the four corners of a source to create various perspective effects. Copy filter-cornerpin.lua to your scripts folder (Tested only on Windows 10) Based on a corner pin shader by Charles Fettinger...
  18. khaver

    OBS Lua 3 Axis Color Correction 1.1

    A Lua script that adds a color correction effect filter. Adjust color levels between red<>cyan, green<>magenta, and blue<>yellow, corresponding to the 3 axes of a vectorscope. Another slider adjusts the luma level. Used for matching colors of different cameras. Copy filter-3axiscolor.lua to...
  19. C

    Create video/webcam sources in a script

    Hello, This is my first post here so sorry if I am not perfectly clear. I try to create sources with a script, one for a webcam and a second for a rtsp video flux. It can be in Lua or in Python if possible but it seem if I don't make a mistake that it was not possible in Python. I have looked...
  20. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Score Board 0.1

    OBS Text Source based scoreboard triggered with hotkeys. 1: Use this for the timer 2 to 5: Assign a <text source> for a numeric incriment container Design any layout you need Update values with a Hotkey! Add Text Sources as needed. Assign Hotkeys to add or subtract points To use this...