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OBS Lua Color Curves 1.2

This Lua script adds a Color Curves filter for color correction by adjusting red, green and blue curves.

Load the script into OBS. Add a Color Curves filter to a source. Check the Graph checkbox to see the RGB adjustment curves. The High Point, Mid Point and Shadow Point sliders move the location of the curve adjustment points. The High, Mid and Shadow color sliders adjust the amount added or subtracted from each color channel. The Saturation Limiter slider is a threshold for the correction. The Preserve Luma checkbox attempts to keep the same overall luma level of the original image while adjusting the color balance. Uncheck the Graph box when you're done making adjustments.

(only tested on Windows 10)
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    Just a cosmetic change on the script load page.
  2. UI changes and revised code

    UI changes and revised code for compatibility with DirectX and openGL (Windows, Linux and Mac?)...

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Love this script. It provides excellent color controls. Works on my MAC Sonoma OS with OBS v30
Excellent tool, this gives you real control over the video image. An essential tool for color correcting, thank you for making this!