1. RadicalRingtail

    change a VST 2.x plugin filter parameter on transition

    is there any plugin for OBS that allows you to change the parameter of a VST 2.x plugin when transitioning to another scene ?? is that possible at all in OBS ??
  2. Eviluess

    [Feature Request] Create a Virtual Monitor/Display

    Hey guys! I think creating a virtual display/monitor for OBS would be quite an easy feature. And with that, I could easily achieve the following use case: -- Fix the poor mini-led monitor representation. And here's how: 1. Let the game use the virtual monitor to display the game scene (must...
  3. A

    (help needed) Apply more than one shader in a filter

    Hi there, and by advance thanks for helping me with my question <3 I'm working on a plugin and I would like to apply more than one shader on a source, for optimizations purposes. What I'm trying to do is to apply a first shader on the source, and get the resulting texture but not draw it...
  4. khaver

    OBS Lua Clipper 1.0

    I created this filter for a special use case for myself. All it does is allow you to clip the white and black levels. My use case: I am using the video macro in the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to switch between a close shot of a person at a podium and a wide shot if the person moves away...
  5. M

    Audio questions (RNNoise control? Recording with and without?)

    Hi there, we are using OBS Studio 27.1 as the source for streaming into zoom and now we try to optimize our audio quality. We are using the RNNoise filter on the microphone, and while it is doing a great job most of the time in suppressing extra noise, sometimes the speaker comes out a bit...
  6. cmd

    9-Slice Filter Plugin v1.0.0

    What's 9-slicing? As defined by Wikipedia: How does the plugin look? Take a quick peek: (Click the preview or here to view animated!) What's the catch? Windows only for now. The source should likely compile under MacOS & Linux, I just don't have any environment set up to test it, so I...
  7. K

    Applying a filter to a selected fragment of a video source.

    Is it possible to make a chroma key filter or a color key filter only on a selected part of the video source (Blackmagic)? I would like to remove the color from a small part of the source. Any idea, trick? Regards.
  8. khaver

    OBS Lua RGB Adjustment Tool filter 1.2

    Unzip the LUA file into your scripts folder and load the filter-rgbtool.lua script. Add the "RGB Adjustment Tool" filter to your source. Click the "Show Tools" box and using the "Move Graph" slider, position the graph out of the way. Using the "Center X" and "Center Y" sliders, position...
  9. G

    Amplitube plugin VST filter listen real time

    Hi everybody, I tried to add an Amplitube VST plugin as a filter in my project for the guitar track, but I can only listen the guitar without the plugin. I can hear the plugin, but only when I recorded the project. Is there a method to listen in realtime the plugin that I added? Thank you very...
  10. Speeter

    Remove a Watermark with Filter

    What is the best way to get rid of a Text watermark on a relatively simple Background? Can I use a Filter (if yes, in wich Plugin), or is there a better way?
  11. khaver

    OBS Lua Polymask Filter Script 1.0

    Lua script that adds an 8 point polygon mask/matte filter for cropping away a portion of the image or for isolating a portion of the image when your greenscreen backdrop is smaller than the image frame. Install the filter-polymask.lua script file. Add the Polymask filter to your source. For...
  12. Musician

    Include support for the CLAP audio plugin standard

    A recently popular and quickly growing open audio plugin format called CLAP is being developed, and I think it would make an excellent fit for the OBS project. It is currently backed by two large and notable audio developers, Bitwig and U-He, gaining support from other large projects such as...
  13. HisZd

    Lua Filter Source Can't Get Parent Sceneitem

    I am trying to create a filter source that manipulates the parent sceneitem's visibility using timers. I have successfully retrieved the parent source and scene, but when I try and use obs_scene_sceneitem_from_source(scene, source) I just get nil. I will attach my script, but it is VERY messy...
  14. khaver

    OBS Lua DeBlemish Filter Script 3.0

    Lua script to add a de-blemishing filter. Add the DeBlemish filter to your source. Click the "Select color" button and click "Pick Screen Color" and select a pixel in the skin. Click "OK". Check the "Show mask" box and use the sliders and Hue, Saturation and Value checkboxes to adjust the...
  15. L

    Cannot get to filters, window too big?

    I'm very new to using obs so this might be easy to fix, but when opening up the filters on a source, the window itself is so big I can't reach the + to apply any. It won't let me resize it either, from what I can tell. I need to chroma key but I can't reach it in the first place, is there a way...
  16. khaver

    OBS Lua Color Curves 1.2

    This Lua script adds a Color Curves filter for color correction by adjusting red, green and blue curves. Load the script into OBS. Add a Color Curves filter to a source. Check the Graph checkbox to see the RGB adjustment curves. The High Point, Mid Point and Shadow Point sliders move the...
  17. khaver

    OBS Lua Clone Stamp 1.2

    A Lua script to add a clone stamp effect filter. Use for removing unwanted objects, etc. in a source. Add the script using the OBS Tools->Scripts menu. Add the Clone Stamp filter to a source. Check the "Show Destination and Source" checkbox. The red tinted area is the destination (the stamp)...
  18. khaver

    OBS Lua Chromatic Aberration 1.3

    This Lua script adds a chromatic aberration filter. Adjust red, green and blue as desired. You can also set a central zone that's not affected. Use the "Show protected center" checkbox to see the limits of the central zone. (tested only on Windows 10)
  19. adam_sporka

    Antavore Watermark Generator 0.0.1

    Use as an Audio Filter to imprint an (almost) inaudible watermark to your audio. This watermark will get embedded in the audio output. The content of the watermark can be an arbitrary string comprised of 7-bit ASCII characters. I.e. no Unicode at this point, and yeah, no emojis either :-)...
  20. QmiiProductions

    Shaderfilter 1.21 for Mac OSX 0.6.0

    WARNING: this is NOT Shaderfilter-plus! Surn's legendary Shaderfilter plugin, recompiled and reworked to be used on Mac OSX devices! This has been a joint effort between Exeldro and I. He built the initial version of the mac compatible plugin, and we worked together to recode the shaders to be...