1. B

    Filters & Audio Not Saving Between Scenes

    I read the other posts on this topic but the suggested fixes are not working. :( I use OBS to stream live classes. I need to switch between filters and audio depending on the scene. In scene #1 I use desktop audio. In scene #2 I use mic audio. I created a 2nd profile for the 2nd audio needs...
  2. Berserker

    Adjustable transparent (alpha?) border

    Would it be possible to make a plugin or filter to add a transparent border to a source where you can change border radius and blurriness by using sliders or numbers? Preferably one for each corner and one for the total blurriness or "feathering". Like from 0 (totally square corner) to a...
  3. H

    OBS Plugin Installation on MacOS does not show

    I installed the following free OBS plugins from the following sites. In both the cases, I was given a macOS specific .dmg file I ran the dmg file on my mac, the installation was successful, however I could...
  4. DeeDubious

    Option to Filter Used & Not Used Hotkeys ?

    The more scripts, media, plugins, scenes, sources, etc I add to OBS, I tend to want to be able to manage multiple functions via HotKeys using my StreamDeck and/or other macro pads but the problem is when we have alot of hotkeys being assigned, its a burden to scroll and look carefully at what...
  5. D

    Filters from media source does not correctly carry over to Mix/Aux

    As the title say, for some reason when I use media source to see what filters I need on an unfiltered video, the same filters makes the audio when recording awful: The noise gate cuts almost everything and other filters twists my voice in weird ways. I'm not sure if this is due to me using a...
  6. R

    Feature Idea: Visibility duration

    With deck boards like elgato or deckboard being very helpful in streaming, It would be helpful to have a setting stating how long an object is visible so that the controls for those deck boards becomes easier to manage. the idea would be once the source becomes visible, a timer/duration...
  7. J

    Wanting to add a bit of chromatic aberration to the edges of my cam, what would be the best way to go about it?

    Wanting to add a bit of chromatic aberration to the edges of my cam, what would be the best way to go about it? I've already got a blur going around, which is where the chromatic aberration would be, see below (had to compress to upload it, sorry):
  8. M

    VHS to digital via OBS or SLOBS with DEINTERLACING+VP9

    Hello! How I can convert VHS (PAL) to MP4(H264) via OBS or SLOBS with deinterlace filter? Avidemux (for example) have exellent deinterlace filters, but I would like to use it in OBS or SLOBS. Do I need any mod or script for deinterlace? And how I can record in OBS or SLOBS using VP9 and OPUS...
  9. S

    FFMPEG Audio Filters for OBS Studio 2020-10-24

    Build with OBS 26.0.2, WARNING: this plugin is for experienced FFMPEG users. This is a plugin works as bridge between FFMPEG library and OBS filter interface. Comes without translations or extra documentation. Refer for parameters explain of each filter...
  10. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: obs-filter-hotkeys - Filter hotkeys for OBS Studio Read more about this resource...
  11. U

    OBS Lua obs-filter-hotkeys 1.0.2

    Screenshots hotkeys video audio Setup Download scripts, add via Tools > Scripts > + button (path to script) Usage Select source with filters, add Filter hotkey filter to it. In settings bind hotkeys for each filter.Note: 0 - means disable filter , 1 - enable Current limitations...
  12. R

    Sound Monitoring with filter

    Hi, how can i monitoring a sound source with filter to a VB-Audio-Virtual-Cable?
  13. N

    Non-Free Speachy 1.0

    An all-in-one VST plugin, specifically designed for streamers and content creators in mind. Compression, analogue saturation, noise reduction and gate, de-esser, de-plosive, EQ and dynamic EQ, limiter and even subtle stereo spread. Effectively 10 plugins in 1, with minimal controls and presets...
  14. ivyl

    obs-lv2 2020-05-13

    Allow using LV2 plugins for processing audio sources in OBS. Early development.
  15. Limeth

    OBS ShaderFilter Plus v0.2.0

    This is a successor to obs-shaderfilter, but rewritten from the ground up. OBS ShaderFilter Plus OBS ShaderFilter Plus is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. It can be used to apply effects to sources using manually created GLSL/HLSL shaders. Add a filter to a source by right-clicking a...
  16. D

    Question / Help Temporal denoising before streaming?

    Is there a way to apply the hqdn3d filter before compressing and streaming a source? In the offline case applying hqdn3d to a video shot in a high-ISO environment can really facilitate low bitrates. It seems like this could really help streaming too, when limiting to low bitrates. There seems...
  17. Doomer

    Better processing over Chroma Key filter

    I have a Logitech Brio webcam and was looking for webcam settings in my Zoom app, and noticed that they applied a chroma key automatically using my room white wall, without any setup! I tried to reproduce this effect into OBS without success, would be amazing if we can achieve same results...
  18. codemann8

    Increase Render Delay Limit

    Can we please extend the limit of this Render Delay from 500ms to something reasonable? It seems silly that I have to add 3-4 separate Render Delay filters to achieve 1500ms delay required for my Elgato capture delay.
  19. codemann8

    Hotkeys on Filters

    It'd be nice if there could be hotkeys on filters as there are on sources. The use case for this is I often switch from a direct source with no delay, like a game emulator, to an actual console thru a capture card that has quite a delay. So, with the delay, I have to add a delay filter to many...
  20. S

    Bug Report Green Screen/Chroma Key working only partially...

    So I recently got a green screen. I got the Chroma Key filter, and at first it worked pretty well, but then all of a sudden it started changing. This happened randomly, although it seemed to be more frequent when I moved around. Part of the screen wouldn't be keyed, or part of me would become...