1. M

    VHS to digital via OBS or SLOBS with DEINTERLACING+VP9

    Hello! How I can convert VHS (PAL) to MP4(H264) via OBS or SLOBS with deinterlace filter? Avidemux (for example) have exellent deinterlace filters, but I would like to use it in OBS or SLOBS. Do I need any mod or script for deinterlace? And how I can record in OBS or SLOBS using VP9 and OPUS...
  2. S

    FFMPEG Audio Filters for OBS Studio 2020-10-24

    Build with OBS 26.0.2, WARNING: this plugin is for experienced FFMPEG users. This is a plugin works as bridge between FFMPEG library and OBS filter interface. Comes without translations or extra documentation. Refer for parameters explain of each filter...
  3. U

    OBS Lua obs-filter-hotkeys 0.2.0

    Screenshots hotkeys video audio Setup Download scripts, add via Tools > Scripts > + button (path to script) Usage Select source with filters, add Filter hotkey filter to it. In settings bind hotkeys for each filter.Note: 0 - means disable filter , 1 - enable Current limitations...
  4. R

    Sound Monitoring with filter

    Hi, how can i monitoring a sound source with filter to a VB-Audio-Virtual-Cable?
  5. ivyl

    obs-lv2 2020-05-13

    Allow using LV2 plugins for processing audio sources in OBS. Early development.
  6. Limeth

    OBS ShaderFilter Plus v0.2.0

    This is a successor to obs-shaderfilter, but rewritten from the ground up. OBS ShaderFilter Plus OBS ShaderFilter Plus is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. It can be used to apply effects to sources using manually created GLSL/HLSL shaders. Add a filter to a source by right-clicking a...
  7. D

    Question / Help Temporal denoising before streaming?

    Is there a way to apply the hqdn3d filter before compressing and streaming a source? In the offline case applying hqdn3d to a video shot in a high-ISO environment can really facilitate low bitrates. It seems like this could really help streaming too, when limiting to low bitrates. There seems...
  8. Doomer

    Better processing over Chroma Key filter

    I have a Logitech Brio webcam and was looking for webcam settings in my Zoom app, and noticed that they applied a chroma key automatically using my room white wall, without any setup! I tried to reproduce this effect into OBS without success, would be amazing if we can achieve same results...
  9. codemann8

    Increase Render Delay Limit

    Can we please extend the limit of this Render Delay from 500ms to something reasonable? It seems silly that I have to add 3-4 separate Render Delay filters to achieve 1500ms delay required for my Elgato capture delay.
  10. codemann8

    Hotkeys on Filters

    It'd be nice if there could be hotkeys on filters as there are on sources. The use case for this is I often switch from a direct source with no delay, like a game emulator, to an actual console thru a capture card that has quite a delay. So, with the delay, I have to add a delay filter to many...
  11. S

    Bug Report Green Screen/Chroma Key working only partially...

    So I recently got a green screen. I got the Chroma Key filter, and at first it worked pretty well, but then all of a sudden it started changing. This happened randomly, although it seemed to be more frequent when I moved around. Part of the screen wouldn't be keyed, or part of me would become...
  12. J

    The homemade chroma key filter I have developed cannot change the color of the commonly used green and blue background colors.

    Hello everyone, I refer to the OBS Studio 20.1.0 documentation written by the forum and the chroma_key_filter.effect on github. In the recent self-made obs-studio filter, I have a problem. I don’t think how to solve it. I would like to ask you here, I hope I can get some suggestions or answers...
  13. T

    Question / Help Color's Alpha in the Color Correction filter doesn't work for me

    Hi, I'm trying to apply a color in the Color Correction filter on a Capture Device source, however, changing the alpha when choosing the color doesn't do anything ; I can put the alpha to 50 for example, click Ok, but for some reason, even though the color change applied, the alpha is still...
  14. S

    Question / Help ChromaKey Opacity - Showing Opaque Black Instead of Transparent

    Hiya! I'm a bit new to OBS and I tried searching for a solution, but might not know all the terms or steps I need to achieve what I want. I have a greenscreen and a scene. I have applied the chromakey filter to the scene, and adjusted the settings. In the Filter window, everything appears...
  15. J

    How does OBS-Studio Chroma key work in real-time processing Alpha matting?

    I am currently interested in the technology of Chroma key. I like to play games myself. Also played Youtube live, But I have been wondering how the Mask (matte) of Chroma key is taken? I used Mask to remove the background background in Photoshop, but how does it work in OBS-Studio? It took me...
  16. EricBoingo1

    Question / Help Duplicate Video source with individual filters

    Hi! I want to have the gameplay in a specific way in my stream. Basically it's the video source in a corner, and the source duplicated but blurred full-screen. With other stuff in between. But if i apply the filter to the one source, it automatically applies it for both (because it's just a...
  17. S

    Question / Help No audio filters

    Hi All, I seem to not have any audio filters listed when I right-click on a scene and choose "filters," then "+". I only have video filters. I tried uninstalling, then reinstalling the software--still have the same issue. Anyone know what might be the problem? Log file...
  18. K

    Bug Report Issue with OBS 22.0.1 UPDATE: OBS layout issue

    I can't see the locks in the sources panel even if I resize the panel, and when I go to filters for my camera to make color correciton adjustments, the thumbnail is so tiny I can't see the adjustments I'm making. I have to resize that panel to the size of my screen before it becomes enlarged...
  19. F

    Bug Report OBS "Filter" Crashing

    Each time I select filter in the right click menu, the entire app crashes instantly. I'm on the recent OBS update. macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  20. P

    Question / Help Optimal Stream Settings for OBS 1pc Setup

    Hi guys, at first I am a native german speaker so please have that in mind :) At the moment I try to optimize my streaming quality due to an upgraded PC. I am using a single PC Setup: CPU -> Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3,9 GHz GPU -> MSI GTX 1080 RAM -> 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Monitor 24" @ 1920x1080 144 Hz...