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I created this filter for a special use case for myself. All it does is allow you to clip the white and black levels.

My use case:
I am using the video macro in the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to switch between a close shot of a person at a podium and a wide shot if the person moves away from behind the podium (speaker with head mounted wireless mic sometimes wanders the stage). The area behind the podium is dark, but not completely black. The video macro sees video noise as motion, so never switches to the wide shot.

So I used one of the source cloning plugins to create a duplicate of the webcam source in an unused scene and added my clipping filter to it.

I adjusted the black clipping level so the area behind the podium was pure black on my cloned source. I then used this source as the trigger for the video macro in the Advanced Scene Switcher.

When the person is at the podium, since they are lit for proper exposure, the black clipping doesn't affect them very much, so the macro sees motion and stays on the close shot while they remain there.

As soon as they step away from the podium, the macro sees only black and switches to the wide shot.
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