1. khaver

    OBS Lua Clipper 1.0

    I created this filter for a special use case for myself. All it does is allow you to clip the white and black levels. My use case: I am using the video macro in the Advanced Scene Switcher plugin to switch between a close shot of a person at a podium and a wide shot if the person moves away...
  2. JediDvJ

    White not displaying correctly in video

    Running a video I create through OBS. It looks fine when I play it in other players and even in the OBS preview window. But but when actaully playing in the scene the white gets dropped out to black - why? Preview on the right is correct - but when it plays back it looks like the left. mp4...
  3. W

    Moonlight v1.0

    A nice looking, more minimal and dark(er) theme for OBS. With custom icons.
  4. N

    Window capture white blank (firefox) on Win10 NVIDIA FIX

    Hi, Problem: Window capture is white blank (Firefox) Graphics card: NVIDIA 1050Ti Fix: It seems Firefox has to be set on high performance setting in NVIDIA control panel. NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > 1. Select program (Firefox) > Power management > Prefer...
  5. A

    Bug Report Chat in white???

    Hello after the last update, it is no longer possible to change the chat in white mode. Where can I find this option now? Even changing the theme to white does not help. Not only me, but some other streamers prefer the chat in white. :( Please help