1. Carol-Q

    Today I've make several vedio in a day,most of them are normal,but there're two vedio that only have voice and the screen is black .Why???????????

    所有视频的录制过程都是相同的; 正常录制,但保存后只有声音,没有画面; 当天在相同条件下录制的大多数视频都有图片,但这两个只有声音,没有图片。 为什么????
  2. W

    Moonlight v1.0

    A nice looking, more minimal and dark(er) theme for OBS. With custom icons.
  3. D

    Game Capture black for some seconds after scene transition

    Hello all, I have a problem in obs with the game capture. I have already searched a lot and tried some things but i think i need help. My Game Capture is black for 2-3 seconds after a scene transition. Regardless of the game or transition. What I have already done: Starting OBS as admin...
  4. S

    External video freezes with Lenovo Yoga

    I bought a RGBlink Mini videomixer for live streams, that converts HDMI-signals to USB3. It works perfect on all systems I tested it on (both old and new systems, both Windows and Mac, without having to install any drivers, the device is detected automatically as a webcam), except on my Lenovo...
  5. U

    OBS Minecraft Game Capture Black Screen Error

    When I try to capture Minecraft as a scene under the Game Capture it displays the infamous black screen. I'm not sure what the solution is but I have tried a lot of different things. I have tried: - running as admin - making both minecraft and obs run on high performance (although i have one...
  6. P

    Game capture leaving black areas?

    I have a strange issue after the last update. Now when I use game capture for Rust, or various other games; the game capture seems to only want to capture what is close to your eyes. Things further back become black, like they are not rendered in. I can turn on Display Capture and things are...
  7. T

    Black skills, minions, even with the sky?!

    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum! Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix this? This problem has ruined my stream/recording by a lot :( A real footage from OBS Studio Another real footage from OBS Studio :3
  8. M

    Minecraft lag

    Hello, I want to become a youtuber, and my dream is 1M subscribers. I started Minecraft, and launched obs. I didn't change any settings. I just plain hit record, and it was smooth gameplay, but when I watched the video, it LAGGED like crazy. My laptop is : intel core i7, 2.60ghz, and 20gb RAM...
  9. I

    Window Capture Issue With The New Update

    Hi, when I click on the browser window (The windows being captured through window capture), something weird happens. (As you can see in the gif) The enabled mouse cursor is invisible but the main problem is the recording goes blank and the mouse cursor becomes visible and starts to leave trails...
  10. tresquel

    I can`t fix OBS black screen issue.

    Hi! I recently reinstalled OBS and I have the black scren issue again. I tried to setting it to "High performance" and "Power saving" graphics cards, but it didnt work. I tried to run it as administrator and in an compatibility mode but the black screen is still there. (yes i added the screen...
  11. mgrandy

    black screen on game capture mode

    Things ive tried admin rights compatibility mode to windows 7 rolling back to previous version of obs removing and reinstalling obs emptying %appdata% obs-studio emptying %temp% directory Turning off game mode Disabling windows firewall and anti virus through regedit Playing about with nivida...
  12. Maurice Snell

    Capture black on laptop

    Hi all, I have another variant on the common problem of black capture on laptops. I'm only trying to capture the desktop, not games, and not specifically browsers. After the initial install of OBS everything was black, but I updated the NVidia program settings to force OBS onto the Integrated...
  13. O

    My record is black

    I'm setting all of the settings, and my screen becomes black, i can't record anything. Please help me
  14. E

    Question / Help After capturing the game, black screen.

    Hey. I have a problem capturing a game. I installed the latest version of obs from your site. I installed open programs only with administrator privileges. I open the cs go game, and try to capture the game. Then I have a black screen. I will attach the log file.
  15. E

    Question / Help OBS does not show an specific game (rFactor)

    Hi, i´m actually dealing with a big problem. OBS does not show the rFactor screen when i am streaming. Do you guys know the solution? I have already tried with updatin NVIDIA drivers. Thank you!
  16. A

    Question / Help game capture black screen windows 10 desktop

    game capture black screen windows 10 desktop it doesnt work in capture specific window only full screen window once i was recording some minecraft and once it stopped working for no reason i record 720p60 fps i have tryed all of these and watched most of youtube tutorials also happend before...
  17. A


    Hello everybody! thanks for all your answers in this forum, I fixed a lot of little problems with your help. about this last one, I didn't found a solution, so, here it goes my issue: after successfully configuring my scenes and sources (webcam and multimedia sources on my drive) and...
  18. U

    Question / Help x264 encoder blacks out PC

    I can't stream with the x264 encoder. About 5 minutes in, my keyboard and mouse turn off, and my monitor loses signal. I have to restart my computer to regain control. Here is a log file. I am able to stream and record with the AMF encoder without...
  19. T

    Question / Help The Black Screen is still a problem in 2020.

    How can this still be a problem? Like, seriously? All I want to do is record the screen. Nothing more, nothing less. But a black screen appears instead of the desktop. I have a Windows 10, 1909 version and I tried going into the display settings and set OBS to "Classic App" --> Power Saving...
  20. Q

    Question / Help is it possible to screencast the whole screen?

    The reason I am asking is I want to be able to do a screencast with a recording of me talking with maybe a picture of me in the corner and I want to do it via OBS. I think I know how to do most of it, except for one thing. I want the whole screen to be included in the screencast. What do I do...