External video freezes with Lenovo Yoga


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I bought a RGBlink Mini videomixer for live streams, that converts HDMI-signals to USB3. It works perfect on all systems I tested it on (both old and new systems, both Windows and Mac, without having to install any drivers, the device is detected automatically as a webcam), except on my Lenovo Yoga 730-15IWL laptop. It shows the incoming video feed for a few seconds, than freezes. Sometimes it works for a few minutes, most of the time it stays black and only keeps playing the incoming audio.

I tried everything and can't figure out what is causing this issue. I have uploaded a video where you can see the mixer working on my desktop computer, and freezing in OBS after a few seconds on my Lenovo.

I have factory reset my laptop, had all drivers updated automatically via the Lenovo support website and ran a complete diagnostic test with no issues reported. I tried different usb ports, (all recognizing the mixer fine and the audio input works perfect, just the video stays black or only works for a moment), even tried this solution: https://www.cnet.com/how-to/this-re...-broken-windows-10-anniversary-update-webcam/ Nothing worked. The RGBlink firmware is updated to the latest version and I tried disabling H265 in the RGBlink device settings with no change. I also tried both the Power Saving and High Performance graphic settings for OBS and VLC but it made no change.

My guess is that there is a conflict with some Windows settings or drivers that cause the incoming video feed to interupt. Can anybody please help? I would hate to have to get a different laptop or video mixer as I love both. Thanks for your time!


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I have almost the same issue, with my Asus G551J, but it works for some minutes, before freeze. It just came out, but havent found a solution yet. (A month ago it worked fine - with one freeze - for an hour long stream with the same laptop and the same setup)