OBS Minecraft Game Capture Black Screen Error


New Member
When I try to capture Minecraft as a scene under the Game Capture it displays the infamous black screen.

I'm not sure what the solution is but I have tried a lot of different things.
I have tried:
- running as admin
- making both minecraft and obs run on high performance (although i have one gpu so this shouldn't have done anything)
- fixing anything the log reports as a problem
- reinstalling all my graphics drivers
- reinstalling minecraft and obs (complete reinstall)
- restarting my computer
By the way the log currently isn't reporting anything wrong so I'm not sure how to fix this.
Log: https://obsproject.com/logs/2izItUR5OKW9VAjS
(There is something related to audio but that's not relevant)
All other captures are working, including display, window, and game captures for other games.
Not sure what's wrong, please help!