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    OBS audio headroom for music.

    Hi, does anyone know how much headroom OBS needs to not distort the audio signal? I am going to livestream a rock concert from my music studio next weekend and we did a test stream yesterday. Everything worked fine except the occasional clip in the audio. The audio is sent from my Pro Tools...
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    Question / Help Samson G-Track Pro - CLIPPING

    My microphone keeps flashing red thereby alerting me of clipping. It doesn't do this with any other software or in any other circumstance. I do not understand why it's doing this and I could use some guidance. I've never really had to use the OBS Forums before so excuse me if this is in the...
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    Question / Help Mic sound too low despite being within "green bar" zone

    Hi everyone, I seem to be having an issue with OBS on my capture / streaming PC. I'm currently using OBS version 24.0.3 (64-bit) I have configured my mic, which is a Blue Yetti Blackout Edition so that I can speak normally without the green bar going into the yellow or red zones etc..., I did...
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    Question / Help Help understanding audio clipping

    I must be fundamentally misunderstanding something because every guide I read says you don't want to be in the red and especially don't want to be over max (0 db). However, I cranked up the obs audio to max volume without any filters (compressor or otherwise), blasted it WAY over 0 db, and the...