Question / Help Mic sound too low despite being within "green bar" zone


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Hi everyone,

I seem to be having an issue with OBS on my capture / streaming PC. I'm currently using OBS version 24.0.3 (64-bit)

I have configured my mic, which is a Blue Yetti Blackout Edition so that I can speak normally without the green bar going into the yellow or red zones etc..., I did this by reducing it down to -15.0 dB, however when I then place the clip into my editing software (Premiere Pro) or indeed listen to it via Windows, the volume is very low.

This is to the point that I have to manually edit the gain in the editing software before the audio is of a suitable volume to be able to hear, and I am unable to do this within OBS because if I do so, this causes clipping and I can visibly see that the volume of my voice goes into the yellow and red zones which causes clipping.

For some reason editing the clip in Premiere Pro and increasing the Gain slightly doesn't cause clipping, but I can't find a way to do this inside of OBS when actually recording despite the volume appearing fine on the green monitor bar.

I have attached a screenshot below showing my OBS filters and settings, as well as a screenshot from Premiere Pro showing the resulting audio on my timeline that I then have to manually increase the gain.

I might be missing something simple, but if anyone could offer me any advice I would be most grateful.


noise gate.JPG
noise suppression.JPG
OBS Volume Settings.JPG
Premiere Pro.JPG