Help! PS5 Remote Play - High Pitched Auido is distorted/clipping in the recording?


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TL:DR Audio clips during high-pitched sounds while recording PS5 Remote Play Audio (Not coming from my mic). Youtube link and Log file below.

I am attempting to record (not stream) my PS5 gameplay through PS Remote Play, and by all accounts have succeeded, except that when watching back my two recordings with nearly 2 hours of total footage - there is an audio imperfection that presents during the most critical gameplay moments; whenever a takedown is executed, there is a high-pitched metallic sound that accompanies the animation - well this sound becomes an issue because in playing back the recording, it turns into a "burrrrruuuusssszzzzzrrrr” type of sound (Idk how to represent the sound better than that through text but it is shown in the video linked below). I should note that the audio issue is “not present” during recording ( i.e. I don’t hear it as I play), it is only found when playing back the recording.

* * * Link to Video displaying / explaining Issue:

* * * Log File:

P.S. I am also having an issue where I cannot get OBS to record different audio inputs in separate audio tracks. I can only get the audio to all come through in the final recording if I put them all onto one track. At this point I have rolled over and have adjusted the audio levels so the recording is descent with just one audio track but it is incredibly frustrating. I am okay with a full-solve or even just a temp work-around at this point since I am tired of delaying the start of my uploads.


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