1. S

    Help! PS5 Remote Play - High Pitched Auido is distorted/clipping in the recording?

    TL:DR Audio clips during high-pitched sounds while recording PS5 Remote Play Audio (Not coming from my mic). Youtube link and Log file below. I am attempting to record (not stream) my PS5 gameplay through PS Remote Play, and by all accounts have succeeded, except that when watching back my two...
  2. Q

    My Mic has a noticable buzzing sound only when I'm Streaming, using Noise Suppresion filter makes it weird.

    I'm new to streaming and got my first proper mic with a ghost power supply and everything, I've tested it before streaming by recording myself and it sounded fine. But, I noticed after watching a few of my vods back that my mic has this noticeable buzzing sound only when I'm streaming, but when...
  3. I

    SOS! Buzzing Sound Won't Go Away No Matter What I Do

    Hey! I started using OBS Studio a while back to stream my DJ sets. I have a DDJ400 and its outputs are 2 RCA cables. I first was sticking this into a TRRS adapter and then into a Lenovo dock I had. It worked in OBS but getting OBS to recognize the dock would sometimes take up to an hour of...
  4. V


    Hey! I have tried too stream and it dosen't work cause when I talk or have my mic on in OBS I have buzzing going while I speak or have music on. I have tried to fix it with Noise Gate and Noise Suppression. But it dosen't work... I have Hyperx Cloud headset with mic. You can only hear buzzing...
  5. A

    Question / Help Buzzing in Left Ear

    I am not sure what is causing the buzzing that can be heard only in the left ear Log: Video:
  6. kaiservongrauer

    Bug Report Audio Pops, Sizzle/Fry, Stutters From Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC533

    When I'm capturing audio from my Avermedia Live Gamer Ultra GC533, I get these occasional audio sizzles/fry, small pops, and stutters. Here's my setup: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) 2.9 GHz Intel Core i9 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4096 MB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB MacOS Mojave...