1. ScottBrio

    Mic audio is fine then starts to crackle and degrade?

    HI! When I checked the recording of my last podcast with OBS, the audio from my mic started to degrade (like a digital distortion) and cut out around 45 minutes in. Fortunately I was also recording with Voicemeeter Potato which turned out fine so I was able to swap the audio. I'm confused why...
  2. S

    Audio cuts out on OBS after a few minutes

    I have the Elgato HD60 S+ connected to my PC and a Nintendo Switch to record game play from the Switch. The audio is fine when starting OBS but gets distorted and then randomly cuts in and out. This happens both on and off streaming and also happens whether I am recording or not. Restarting OBS...
  3. I

    Question / Help Elgato game capture LED lights and Sound distortion

    for the past couple of days. My Elgato HD60 game capture device been acting up. Every time it try to go and record something, the game audio from the elgato will spike to max and have a wired sound distortion. I been trouble shooting with the elgato technical service for the past 5 days and...
  4. L

    Question / Help Avermedia has blessed me...Audio problems! Looking for some help

    Hi everyone! I am blessed with an Avermedia C985 lite capture card which has been giving me headaches every once in a while. Here is a quick rundown of what I am trying to achieve. I have my PS4 plugged into the Avermedia card via HDMI which goes into OBS. I also have Audiomeeter Potato running...
  5. S

    Question / Help Game Audio Distortion/Echo

    Hello I have been trying so hard to figure out the problem but I simply cannot.. I tried all of the fixes I can think of to fix it and not of it has resolved the problem so I figured I come to you guys for assistance :/ Below is a clip of the Audio distortion/echo Please someone help me...
  6. B

    Question / Help Red distortion when playing games (streaming)

    I dont know why this happens i have re-installed obs, doesn't work, restarted my pc nope, but when i use the old obs it this doesn't happen don't know why It's not my internet here's pictures at my internet speed test : first is downloading and the second one is uploading...