Mic audio is fine then starts to crackle and degrade?


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HI! When I checked the recording of my last podcast with OBS, the audio from my mic started to degrade (like a digital distortion) and cut out around 45 minutes in. Fortunately I was also recording with Voicemeeter Potato which turned out fine so I was able to swap the audio. I'm confused why this may be happening?

I'm using my webcam, some graphics, and Skype NDI. My guests have told me that they can hear the distortion coming and going, but since I'm monitoring locally (ie monitoring from my audio interface, not from OBS) I can't hear it. This is the first time it happened in my recording.

Any idea what it could be?

I'm using a Scarlett 18i20 and Rode NT1-A microphone which works great with every other program (Zoom, Ableton, Skype, etc). The distortion just seems to happen with OBS :/

Here's an example of the audio distortion: https://clyp.it/ldvjwfgg?token=697e4903dc5625ff6a8bc5a4fafa073c


Log File: http://www.scottbrio.com/scott_brio_file_storage/temp_delete_files/2020-07-27 14-00-44.txt


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