mic dropping

  1. S

    Mic gain randomly going down

    Hi guys, just noticed on stream than the audio of my mic is randomly going down for no reason. I mean not the cursor but the audio level itself it change from being right at the begining in of the yellow area to being way down in the green area. It seems that it has something to do with the mic...
  2. E

    Streamlabs OBS: Mic Volume drop when live.

    So I've discovered that since yesterday when I go live, the volume of my mic drops to insanely low, despite having it set to max volume in streamlabs OBS. This is shown in this clip, I know it's long just skip around. However, when testing some fixes I made yesterday, or attempted fixes I...
  3. G

    Obs mic sound lowering in mid sentence multiple times.

    My mic levels don't stay consistant, so when I'm streaming some words while talking are harder to hear than others. I followed some mic guides online but none of them are fixing my issue. This is also my first time posting on here so I'm not sure what all I need to add. I was ghoing to...
  4. R

    microphone audio popping

    Hi guys, I've recently developed an audio issue that is showing on my microphone but not other audio sources. I've had it appear when changing a scene but once its there i cant get rid of it. It shows up in recordings and streams but not if i monitor the audio channel through headphones and i...
  5. ScottBrio

    Mic audio is fine then starts to crackle and degrade?

    HI! When I checked the recording of my last podcast with OBS, the audio from my mic started to degrade (like a digital distortion) and cut out around 45 minutes in. Fortunately I was also recording with Voicemeeter Potato which turned out fine so I was able to swap the audio. I'm confused why...