Intermittent audio glitches (sounds great the rest of the time)


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I run the live stream at my church and most of the time the audio sounds great (it comes into the streaming PC via USB from the built in sound card of a Midas X32 sound board). Unfortunately there are times when the audio distorts and sounds like a robot filter is applied. The audio isn't peaking and I can't figure out the problem. I've included a clip of what it sounds like here:
Please help if you are able.


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Hi there, we are having the exact same problem with our church livestream. Had been working fine for months, and now this problem has seemed to have come out of nowhere. Doesn't happen every stream, but when it does, it sounds the same as your video (if not a lot worse!)
We also feed the audio via a usb from sound desk to PC, and when not having the issue, sound is great.

Were you able to find a solution for this?

The only temporary fix we have found is to stop streaming in OBS and then start streaming again, whilst keeping the stream running in YouTube, but this is doesn't stop the issue coming back.