Question / Help Elgato game capture LED lights and Sound distortion


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for the past couple of days. My Elgato HD60 game capture device been acting up. Every time it try to go and record something, the game audio from the elgato will spike to max and have a wired sound distortion. I been trouble shooting with the elgato technical service for the past 5 days and nothing help. Im hoping that some here ran into the same problem and found a solution for this issue.
Also, including the wired distortion in the game audio (no where else) the led lights on my legato came capture not only wont go off when recording but also have some sort of wired mix of white and red lights. Dose anyone have a solution to this. Please help
The lights on the elgato
I will try and post a example of the sound distortion im getting from the game audio later.
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