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    Help! PS5 Remote Play - High Pitched Auido is distorted/clipping in the recording?

    TL:DR Audio clips during high-pitched sounds while recording PS5 Remote Play Audio (Not coming from my mic). Youtube link and Log file below. I am attempting to record (not stream) my PS5 gameplay through PS Remote Play, and by all accounts have succeeded, except that when watching back my two...
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    Difficult Question, OBS macbook and windows10

    Hey everyone! I'm new to OBS and streaming as a whole. I have a webcam and a headset however I am having difficulty setting up both to just my windows 10 to Display Capture. Game Capturing is quite boring without adding some sort of discussion. Not sure if this is possible but is there anyway...
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    no matter what i try, my display capture is blurry

    Hi everyone, im seriously willing to pay someone to set this up for me. I spent 12 hours today trying to set up a display capture, and no matter what pixels or bitrate I choose, the quality is just so blurry, it looks like i have a film over my eyes when i look at it. Also, I cannot set up audio...
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    Using VoiceMeter Banana, Only Recording Desktop Audio?

    When I record using both voicemeter banana and obs It only records desktop audio and video, but not discord or mic. It shows audio input on both programs for all audio sources and it all gets recorded on the playback in voicemeter, but doesn't show up in the videos. I have it set to try to...