no matter what i try, my display capture is blurry

lauren_ bro

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Hi everyone, im seriously willing to pay someone to set this up for me. I spent 12 hours today trying to set up a display capture, and no matter what pixels or bitrate I choose, the quality is just so blurry, it looks like i have a film over my eyes when i look at it. Also, I cannot set up audio output so that my viewers will be able to hear music, video, or whatever I'm playing on my computer. Ive attached a photo of the blurry screen below, it also is cropped really weird upon first adding a display capture source. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


r.j. dill

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I am also new. The youtube tutorial I watched here
used a transform to fit the screen. That made it blurry. When I did not use that transform, It was very sharp -but then it cropped and lopped off the bottom half of my screen