display capture

  1. M

    Record Video Capture and Display Capture Separately?

    Hello, I'm wondering if there is a way to record my Video Capture and Display Capture separately. For example, I want to record my screen in 4k (3848x2160) while at the same time recording my display capture i.e. webcam with the same dimensions. That way when I input the file into a video...
  2. G

    [Help] Black Display Capture? Can someone help diagnose my problem?

    I don't know much about OBS. It was working well, but after I updated the NVIDIA Studio driver, the Display Capture showed a black screen. I've attempted to rollback and tried some methods I found on YouTube, but it's still not working. Here's the link to my Log...
  3. mayo0323

    I want to record an external display via websocket.

    I want to record an external display connected to my PC via websocket. Is there an API method that would automatically detect & configure the external display? Also, Is the following URL “OpenProjector” relevant...
  4. A

    DXGI not working on Windows 10 but works on Windows 11

    I just downgraded from windows 11 to 10 and now the default capture method is "Windows 10 (1903 and up). When I try to use DXGI duplication it shows a black screen. I've reinstalled, enabled compatibility, and ect.. I really don't want to use "Windows 10 (1903 and up)" because of the yellow border.
  5. W

    Need to change Color Space of Display Capture only

    Hi, I'd like to start by thanking anyone who can help me with my current, specific, predicament. And I will start this by saying, yes, I know there are side step solutions to my problem, but they don't help me because I'm very particular about using "Display Capture" instead of "Game Capture"...
  6. D

    Bad sound while recording display capture, nothing at all helps!

    Hi, It would really mean a lot if someone could help me figure this out... I'm having sound problems while recording display capture. In this case, it's videos from a streaming website. Everything is fine with the video, but the sound is completely changed and sounds nothing at all like the...
  7. P

    Rendering lag

    Hello guys. I have a problem, the settings are literally on the lowest and 25 fps, but when capturing a game with display capture (osu), the fps drops from 25 to 13 or less. I have obs in Administrator, high priority, disabled hardware and lowest possible settings. Log...
  8. I

    Yellow border

    I have a problem When i open obs to record the display A random yellow border appears I dont know how to fix it Is there any solution I know it is a window problem but how can i turn it off or something ? Is there any modified version of obs ? Or editing windows files to fix it ?
  9. TekiNashi

    Display Capture capturing literally everything??

    In all the time I have been using obs (about 8 months to a year) it has never done this. I use Display Capture to display my screen and browser when streaming, however just recently in the past week, I did not change a single setting and yet Display Capture is now capturing every game I go into...
  10. W

    OBS userface not picking up in discord screenshare or display/window capture.

    Hi, Yesterday as I was helping a friend set up their OBS I noticed that discord was no longer picking up OBS on both the application share and the monitor share. After checking out my settings I realized it was OBS causing this issue as when I went to add a display capture on OBS, it picked up...
  11. DivadoDev

    Obs screen record has low quality no matter what I try.

    I'm a game developer who's new to OBS and has been trying to screen record for dev logs. Unfortunately, the recorded videos always seem to be a little blurry and hard to look at (images are attached below) I've tried following numerous videos on the problem and tested solutions proposed in...
  12. C

    yellow border around monitor when using display capture

    whenever using display capture in obs, there is a yellow border around my screen and it is very annoying, how do i get rid of it? i've read some forum posts regarding this and they're all talking about window capture, not display capture.
  13. UltimateImpulse

    Should I use Camlink 4k or Screen Capture in OBS

    I have a 1440p240 monitor and a camlink 4k (USB) I connected the camlink directly to an extra slot on my GPU and I used windows display setting to duplicate the 1440p signal to the camlink. ( camlink only accepted 1080p60 but the monitor still worked at 1440p240) this seems to work fine (besides...
  14. D

    How can i display as text the name of a window?

    i'll explain, let's say that i want to show a folder's name as a text in obs if the folder's name is Final Project, i want obs to display that name as a text, is it possible? example image below
  15. F

    What the heck does this mean??? OBS Windows DIsplay Capture update??

    so, what am i supposed to do differently? Is this why I can't record a single thing anymore suddenly???? i have no idea what any of this means and i NEED HELP
  16. R

    Accidentally recorded a display/audio capture with separate audio track loaded in source

    Hello, as the title states I took a web class and recorded it to refer back to later and unfortunately I already had a previously recorded audio track loaded up in source when I took the display capture. Is there a way to remove the unwanted audio track from the .MKV video/audio recording that I...
  17. D

    Display capture - can't change monitor

    Problem description Changing the display in display capture does nothing. It still captures my secondary monitor even if I choose my primary monitor. I've tried a clean install of OBS, same result. This setup was working perfectly fine in OBS 28. Monitor setup Primary: LG 42" OLED (4k)...
  18. T

    Screen Tearing with Display, Screen, and Window Capture

    Bit of backstory, I work for a small marketing and design agency, and in the past month or so we've started incorporating more video content into our company social calendars. I recently picked up OBS as an alternative to using the Mac's built-in screen recording feature, but after the most...
  19. HappyTrigger42

    Disparities between recording application and recording screen

    Hello, I am battling to figure out why is OBS ( version 28.1.2 ) giving me a dark overlay when attempting to record my screen and not when recording the application directly ( without editing any settings / not using any filters ) Here is a screenshot of the game itself : And here is the exact...
  20. L

    dwm.exe 80-90% gpu usage causing choppy recordings

    I'm trying to record Destiny 2 which only allows you to use Display Capture, I've never had any issues in the past but now my recordings are poor and skip frames. I've tried a lot of things and nothing seems to help, most threads point towards NVIDIA Control Panel and setting programs to max...