display capture

  1. P

    Rendering lag

    Hello guys. I have a problem, the settings are literally on the lowest and 25 fps, but when capturing a game with display capture (osu), the fps drops from 25 to 13 or less. I have obs in Administrator, high priority, disabled hardware and lowest possible settings. Log...
  2. I

    Yellow border

    I have a problem When i open obs to record the display A random yellow border appears I dont know how to fix it Is there any solution I know it is a window problem but how can i turn it off or something ? Is there any modified version of obs ? Or editing windows files to fix it ?
  3. TekiNashi

    Display Capture capturing literally everything??

    In all the time I have been using obs (about 8 months to a year) it has never done this. I use Display Capture to display my screen and browser when streaming, however just recently in the past week, I did not change a single setting and yet Display Capture is now capturing every game I go into...
  4. W

    OBS userface not picking up in discord screenshare or display/window capture.

    Hi, Yesterday as I was helping a friend set up their OBS I noticed that discord was no longer picking up OBS on both the application share and the monitor share. After checking out my settings I realized it was OBS causing this issue as when I went to add a display capture on OBS, it picked up...
  5. DivadoDev

    Obs screen record has low quality no matter what I try.

    I'm a game developer who's new to OBS and has been trying to screen record for dev logs. Unfortunately, the recorded videos always seem to be a little blurry and hard to look at (images are attached below) I've tried following numerous videos on the problem and tested solutions proposed in...
  6. C

    yellow border around monitor when using display capture

    whenever using display capture in obs, there is a yellow border around my screen and it is very annoying, how do i get rid of it? i've read some forum posts regarding this and they're all talking about window capture, not display capture.
  7. UltimateImpulse

    Should I use Camlink 4k or Screen Capture in OBS

    I have a 1440p240 monitor and a camlink 4k (USB) I connected the camlink directly to an extra slot on my GPU and I used windows display setting to duplicate the 1440p signal to the camlink. ( camlink only accepted 1080p60 but the monitor still worked at 1440p240) this seems to work fine (besides...
  8. D

    How can i display as text the name of a window?

    i'll explain, let's say that i want to show a folder's name as a text in obs if the folder's name is Final Project, i want obs to display that name as a text, is it possible? example image below
  9. F

    What the heck does this mean??? OBS Windows DIsplay Capture update??

    so, what am i supposed to do differently? Is this why I can't record a single thing anymore suddenly???? i have no idea what any of this means and i NEED HELP
  10. R

    Accidentally recorded a display/audio capture with separate audio track loaded in source

    Hello, as the title states I took a web class and recorded it to refer back to later and unfortunately I already had a previously recorded audio track loaded up in source when I took the display capture. Is there a way to remove the unwanted audio track from the .MKV video/audio recording that I...
  11. D

    Display capture - can't change monitor

    Problem description Changing the display in display capture does nothing. It still captures my secondary monitor even if I choose my primary monitor. I've tried a clean install of OBS, same result. This setup was working perfectly fine in OBS 28. Monitor setup Primary: LG 42" OLED (4k)...
  12. T

    Screen Tearing with Display, Screen, and Window Capture

    Bit of backstory, I work for a small marketing and design agency, and in the past month or so we've started incorporating more video content into our company social calendars. I recently picked up OBS as an alternative to using the Mac's built-in screen recording feature, but after the most...
  13. HappyTrigger42

    Disparities between recording application and recording screen

    Hello, I am battling to figure out why is OBS ( version 28.1.2 ) giving me a dark overlay when attempting to record my screen and not when recording the application directly ( without editing any settings / not using any filters ) Here is a screenshot of the game itself : And here is the exact...
  14. L

    dwm.exe 80-90% gpu usage causing choppy recordings

    I'm trying to record Destiny 2 which only allows you to use Display Capture, I've never had any issues in the past but now my recordings are poor and skip frames. I've tried a lot of things and nothing seems to help, most threads point towards NVIDIA Control Panel and setting programs to max...
  15. P

    How do i hide my own Display-capture during gameplay?

    Hey guys. Here is my question: While streaming certrain games with more hectic movement, I tend to get distracted by my own gameplay, shown simultaiously on my secon screen in OBS. I coulndt find any solution on how I might hide my own display-caputre / gameplay to myself, while the rest of my...
  16. jogabot

    -'kernel_task' climbs to 1000% CPU after a few minutes of opening OBS-

    here is my most recent log file --> https://obsproject.com/logs/lsFswxivH3Mt81Xl (the analysis didn't detect any problems) every time i open OBS, a 'kernel_task' starts eating up CPU according to 'activity monitor'...approaching 1000% and rendering my computer unusable until i quit OBS i'm...
  17. K

    Mouse not showing in Minecraft while I have OBS open

    The mouse shows up on the stream but when I enter Fullscreen mode it does not show up for me in-game. Everything i've seen about this issue blames the problem on some Spotify screen capture but that is not the issue here.
  18. Wilzzu

    Is there a way to capture display by monitor ID?

    I have 3 monitors and when playing a game I usually disconnect the other two with a external program. This sometimes switches the display order in the display capture list and the final recording results in a black screen, because it's trying to record a display that is actually disconnected. Is...
  19. kkyuki173

    Unable to capture the OBS screen

    Cannot capture OBS Screen through recording, streaming, or screenshot Tried Windows capture. OBS program was not in the list Tried Windows capture and a duplicate OBS process. OBS was in the list but only a black screen showed up Tried Display capture. Everything was being displayed except OBS...
  20. D

    Help me with my display setup

    Hello everyone, after I changed my screem I was never able to capture the display in obs, it appears as follows (Display 1: 1920x1080 @ 0.0. I don't have any other displays anymore and I've looked in several places how to solve the problem but so far I haven't found it, can you help me please...