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  1. G

    OBS recognizes all sources except display capture to record windows.

    Recently my OBS stopped recognizing Windows 10, but two days ago everything was normal. I can record the screen of other programs like: Chrome, Steam, Games. However, if I want to record the desktop or anything related to Windows, doesn't work. In general, display capture stopped working, but...
  2. T

    Question / Help cant record screen

    my pc cant pick up my drivers so i cant ust any form of screen capture but in streamlabs obs i can capture my screen here is my log https://obsproject.com/logs/qK4EUn90BPCP3A90 i have my drivers updated and i have done a clean driver installation here is a screenshot of gpuz...
  3. N

    Question / Help Display Capture > Crop To Window not working

    Hello, I'm using Mac Catalina and I would like to record Adobe Reader pdf file with OBS. However, when I choose properties>crop to window it has no effect on the recording. It still captures whatever it is on the display. I tried window capture but it is also not working. I also don't want to...
  4. R

    Question / Help Display capture Black screen issue - I looked in the thread already

    Hello, So I have a HP gaming laptop windows 10 with two graphics cards (intel and NVIDIA) Usually if i right click and select integrated graphics when I'm trying to record something not in game it will work fine but I'm having issues now with it just giving me a black screen I've tried the...
  5. M

    Question / Help Repeated windows in Display Capture

    When I set the Display Capture to desktop, I get an infinite number of screens receding into space. I am running OBS on a MacBook Pro with High Sierra 10.13.6. How do I fix this issue? Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/R6U4XEPZxEf8cb1M
  6. H

    Question / Help Cant record my screen on Display Capture

    I dont know why but the device on display capture dont show to me and when i try to use all stays black. Anyone knows how to solve this problem? i am using Mac mini 2011 (High Sierra 10.13.6), Video Graphics: AMD Radeon HC 6620M 256 MB Here's a picture of my problem:
  7. cthulusaurus

    Question / Help Can't record laptop display without enabling Intel HD Graphics?

    So I have an ASUS GL553V laptop, which has an Intel I7 with integrated HD Graphics, as well as an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. These two interfere with each other to the point that my laptop will only boot if the Intel Graphics are disabled. I have the most updated drivers, but if I enable the Intel...
  8. P

    Where can I find 'Display capture' functionality ?

    Hello, I am inspecting OBS source code and I am puzzled by 'missing' display capture functionality. Game capture (DX11) takes place in 'plugins\win-capture\graphics-hook\d3d11-capture.cpp' Window capture takes place in 'plugins\win-capture\dc-capture.c' I can see the textures when I debug...
  9. Taretor

    Question / Help Dual GPU problem

    I have dual GPU in my laptop (intel , Nvidea). If I want to use display capture I have to run OBS studio with intel GPU and if I want to use game capture I have to run OBS studio with Nvidea GPU otherwise I will get black screen. My question : I'm using quick sync (intel GPU) to encode the...
  10. J

    Question / Help Stream looks amazing, but my side is choppy.

    the stream looks good playing 1080p 60fps and no hiccups at all.On my end (what i see) its somewhat choppy and i cant figure out what the issue is. im not dropping frames but its obvious that i'm not looking at 144fps. can anyone help as someone that plays competitively this makes it hard to...
  11. 5

    Question / Help OBS starting the output failed.

    When I attempt to Display Capture, I get an error message saying "Starting the output failed. Please check the log for details. Note: If you are using the NVENC or AMD encoders, make sure your video drivers are up to date." I already checked and made sure my NVENC drivers were up to date as...
  12. V

    Question / Help Can't connect Cintiq to OBS

    Hello, I am new to OBS. I've beentrying to setup my stuff but I just can'tchoose diffentr monitor (Cintiq) in display capture. It simpyl doesn'T show. I am at my wits end. Please what can I do to fix this?
  13. M

    Question / Help OBS Display Capture showing black screen after selecting either high performance Nvidia process or integrated graphics?

    My OBS studio display capture is showing black screen. I can record voice but not video. I tried everything, watched many videos on YouTube, read many already posted threads here and reinstalled OBS for 5 times but nothing worked. I switched between high performance Nvidia process or integrated...
  14. R

    Question / Help OBS records black screen if I switch profiles

    I made new profiles to switch easily to record with different FPS values and canvas size, but when I tried to record with them, all showed a black screen after I stopped recording. To be clear, the end result recording (MP4 file) plays a black screen with audio, not the OBS preview screen, which...
  15. A

    Question / Help Display Capture, Window Capture and Game Capture not working!

    I'm trying to set up my stream, and I'm pretty new, but I can't display my desktop, my display just goes black, please help.
  16. G


    Hello everyone, could anyone help my problems? I have OBS latest version 24.0.3, OBS run properly in my laptop ASUS TUF GAMING FX504GE, but when i added display capture, it comes black screen. I have already do all the things on youtube and in forums, but still black screen. I have already make...
  17. L

    Question / Help Black screen on desktop capture, not a laptop

    It is, however, an nVidia card, (or rather, pair of nVidia cards) in a surround configuration (5760x1080). Now, I can see the engine trying to do something -> https://imgur.com/amJZqpH -> but the log file tells me nothing. I can see the switch is in the executable (--verbose: Make log more...
  18. G

    Question / Help Black screen on Display Capture - already tried everything

    (Complete log at the bottom of the post.) I need to use Display Capture to record a PowerPoint presentation on my laptop with NVIDIA GPU. (Window Capture can't pickup a fullscreen PowerPoint presentation, so I have to use Display Capture instead.) Display Capture requires OBS to be running on...
  19. M

    Question / Help Cant change default processor and I get a black screen as a result

    It was working fine till I updated my windows a month ago from 1803 to whatever version it is right now. Normally to switch the graphics processor OBS runs on I open the nvidia control panel and switch it to whatever I like. Since I do a lot of display captures, and my display runs on intel, I...