unable to record whole screen but only selected windows.


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I wanted to record my whole screen for tutorial purpose. I was able to record either windows like (Visual studio code) but not the browser window at the same time. I tried adding the multiple "Window capture". One for each browser and vs code respectively. But only one of them is being recorded at one time.

In an attempt to record the whole screen. I tried adding display capture source. But this was showing me many windows instead of just one. Like this

I have windows 10 latest version (1909). Please help as my objective is very simple. I just want to capture whole screen along with my webcam and audio.
I am able to capture webcam, audio and one of windows either browser window of vs code window but not both of the windows.


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Display capture is doing exactly what it's supposed to -- it's capturing your screen directly. Since you have OBS in the foreground for the picture you supplied, it will result in the infinite mirror effect. Just minimize OBS and it will keep capturing.

You can start/stop recordings using hotkeys, so you can just keep OBS minimized without seeing the infinite effect for the beginning/end of the recording.