OBS Couldn't Capture Any Screen


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My OBS hasn't been able to capture anything except audio for a couple of days. The preview shows black screen all the time and it is the same for both monitors. Window capture works partially; it captures the UI but not the moving screen. I had used Display Capture encountering no problems until this problem arose.

As the screenshots show, behind @ are (0,0) or (1920,0).
2021-04-05 (2).png

2021-04-05 (1).png

The log attached below reads that
11:02:54.123: output 0: pos={0, 0}, size={1920, 1080}, attached=true, refresh=60, name=
11:02:54.123: output 1: pos={1920, 0}, size={3840, 2160}, attached=true, refresh=30, name=U28E850

The outputs for both monitors are zero. Could it be a hardware failure? This is a laptop and I did some disassembly to clean the fans. But everything except OBS remains okay -- video games are running with no problems and everything.


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I have tried switching to "run with the integrated graphics" but the black screen problem remains. The output remains zero.


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Your log shows you running on your 2070, display capture will not work in that instance, and it's not recommended to use display capture. Either way, changing OBS to use the integrated graphics is the way to get around it.

I highly suggest getting your sources with game or window capture https://obsproject.com/wiki/Sources-Guide