black screen

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    Black Screen or stuff on a single frame all the time and not sure how to fix

    I'm not sure if theres an easy fix for this but i havent really used obs much in the past and on my laptop it worked well but now that ive swithced toa new pc its been causing problems all the time until at one point it just stopped working, at least for game captures Can anyone help me out...
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    DXGI not working on Windows 10 but works on Windows 11

    I just downgraded from windows 11 to 10 and now the default capture method is "Windows 10 (1903 and up). When I try to use DXGI duplication it shows a black screen. I've reinstalled, enabled compatibility, and ect.. I really don't want to use "Windows 10 (1903 and up)" because of the yellow border.
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    VLC shows video using url but does not show up (only black screen) in OBS

    I am using a poe Reolink camera attempting to view in OBS. I have tried over and over again to connect to OBS. The url designed for the camera works perfectly fine in VLC & I can see the live feed in real time & also in the Reolink Client app & on pc. But when I use that same url in OBS...
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    OBS Studio Game Capture not working on certain games?

    My PC is a Windows 11 64bit. I use OBS 64bit version 29.1.3. OBS Studio Game Capture just shows a black screen trying to capture ROBLOX: ROBLOX pic But... It seems to work with TF2: TF2 pic Solutions I tried: Ran it with Admin permissions. Disabled HDR Updated my drivers. Set its...
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    Black screens and stream cut | EncodeAPI internal error

    Hello everyone, I build a new PC for my friend back in January. Ever since completing it she has been having an issue that out of nowhere her screens go black. By this we mean actual black is shown on the screens, so not lost input nor loss of backlight. After a few seconds they come back on...
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    [Help!] OBS - Black Screen on the preview window! [Windows 11 64-Bit]

    I can't get my preview screen ON and getting the Black Screen on the preview screen when capturing a Game Capture. But when i tried the Projected Window (Source) i can see my game captured but only on the projected window, not the preview window. Edition: Windows 11 Pro Version: 22H2 Installed...
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    OBS and Droidcam - black screen cannot connect

    Hi everyone, I wanted to use my new samsung S23 ultra as my second camera. I download Droidcam obs app to pc and it installed in the right place. I also downloaded app to the phone. I put IP in, but cannot get anything but a black screen. All apps updated today This is the log...
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    I have a black screen when i'm trying to record my game. When i'm trying to record or stream my game it doesn't show my game it shows only black screen. Please help
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    Black Screen

    Just installed OBS, watched a video on how to record my screen, I select display capture and for no reason whatsoever instead of doing its job OBS records a black screen. I then watched another video on how to fix the issue, running it as an administrator, graphics settings, etc... absolutely no...
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    Minecraft lags when I ran obs.

    I've been having this problem for a while and tried multiple things to fix it. I've run it in administrator, I've even gone to the NVIDIA control panel and added the Javaw.exe file. That fixed it for a while but it stopped working. What happens is it lags Minecraft along with many visual...
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    Nothing when trying to capture window

    Since i got my computer i had nothing but bugs and errors. I wanted to try streaming but im unnable to set everything up because of not being able to capture specific window. Mainly i wanted to stream league of legends, when i try to capture ANY window it shows me nothing and preview is black...
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    Black screen on preview but the stream and record fine (after the 29.0 update)

    Usually people has problems tring to capture the game ending up with a black screen. What is happining to me is that I have the game being captured and if a press to record or to stream the video goes on fine on the twitch, but the preview on the program in my pc is black. If I click on screen...
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    Game Capture sometimes randomly requires Run as Administrator

    Recently, I tried to use the usual scene for capturing a game window, through a "Game Capture" source. That time, it did not work. The preview just showed a black screen and all recording attempts showed one, too. Audio worked. No matter, which window I selected, all were black screens in OBS...
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    Videos are dark for first few seconds then go back to normal

    It usually starts after recording a few sessions in OBS. So i'll record, stop recording, then record again, a few times over. The first few videos are usually fine but then this issue described starts to happen. The log is attached, it'll show 4 recording sessions. I've uploaded the 4 sessions...
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    corrupted mp4 (black screen) on HVENC HEVC

    NVENC HEVC (h.265) corrupts my mp4 file. (h.264 working, like in version 27.4.2) black screen on recording, if video is longer than 20 minutes. hevc 265 codec - installed recording format - mp4 windows admin rights - does no fix
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    OBS Studio - Macbook Pro m1 - Swissonic webcam 2 fhd only one is showing the screen -> the second black screen

    Hello, i got a problem - i connected two webcams via HUB but only one camera is showing - the another one is active but i got a black screen. Do i make a mistake? need some help!!! THNK
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    Black Screen for 7 Days to Die/Darkness Falls

    I am trying to use OBS to capture my 7D2D/DF builds for posterity, but all I get is black screen using Game Capture. If I try to use Screen Capture, my OBS shows up in my display window, but the recording is all black. I can use Game Capture and record just fine for Guild Wars 2. I have played...
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    Black screen when trying to do game capture with Valorant

    Hi! What I tried doing is: Game Capture Mode: Capture Specific Window Window: [VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe]:Valorant Window match priority: Match title, otherwise find window of same executable Checked Limit Capture Framerate (tried without before)/Capture Cursor/Use anti-cheat compatibility...
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    Black Screen after Stinger Transition

    Hello! I am currently having an issue where whenever I use my stinger transition, The game displays a Black screen for two seconds before displaying again. Is there a fix to this problem?
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    Game shows in Capture Properties window, but not in main preview or output.

    I realise this is a tediously common question, but I've no where left to turn. I installed OBS on the recomendation of a friend who said it was good for game recording, but I can't get a recorded image no matter what I do and I just get a black screen. We both use Windows 7 (64Bit) and the...