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Hello everyone,

I build a new PC for my friend back in January. Ever since completing it she has been having an issue that out of nowhere her screens go black. By this we mean actual black is shown on the screens, so not lost input nor loss of backlight. After a few seconds they come back on but the stream has stopped on its own while the game is still running. The issue only occurs when she is both gaming on the PC it self and streaming it to twitch. If she doesn't stream no issue. If she streams an external device trough a capture card no issue. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes before the problem appears and other times it takes more then 6 hours. It's also not specific to a single game or point within the game.

We have also tried sending the graphics card in under warranty but both the reseller and the manufacture couldn't find anything wrong with the card and send it back to us. But during the 3 months the card was out she used a 1060ti and didn't have a single issue what so ever.

I've seen one similar post on this forum but it didn't include any suggestions as to what the problem might be. So I'm just hopeful that maybe now someone can figure this one out.

Kind regards from Belgium!


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From the OBS side, you should run it as admin always.
Then you need to fix the network connection not recognizing the Gb capable adapter. Some times this is fix just installing the latest update of the network adapter (look in the MOBOs support)
Then, you have the GPU and iGPU running at the same time, so you don't only need to update the GPU driver, you have to update the iGPU driver too (from intel's site)

Make sure the monitors are connectod to the GPU.
Also, make sure the PSU is capable to support this GPU and everything else on the computer.

It could be an issue on the GPU itself. If you just changed the GPU card and didn't touch the driver, please try doing a clean install of the GPU driver. Nvidia has an option on the installer to do it, but you can also try this other method: