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  1. F

    Question / Help Need help to view application as obs source.

    Have a full screen application that I am trying to view as an OBS source. I have tried Window, Screen, and Display Capture. When I tried display capture it shows nothing. When I try window is shows some options but not the application I am trying to broadcast, and nothing in display...
  2. J

    Question / Help OBS Studio v22.0.2 Black Screen for Minecraft game capture. Help!

    Recently, I tried to record some Minecraft gameplay, only to see that OBS wasn't capturing the game whatsoever. I tried reinstalling OBS, removing and adding the game back as a source, and even tried looking up common reasons why it might happen. All to no prevail. Nvidia Shadowplay is able to...
  3. R

    Question / Help Black Screen, But Switch Devices Back and Forth It Starts Working

    My capture device just shows a black screen, but when I switch back to another device (camera or device not plugged in) then switch back it starts working. It's almost like it's not initializing correctly or something. Is there a setting somewhere I can force some kind of hard initialization...
  4. F

    Question / Help black screen

    I installed obs and got a black screen error and couldn't find a solution for this
  5. R

    Question / Help Fortnite will not capture..something to do with attempting to hook process: FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe

    Hi all, Having a real hard time finding a fix to this. Fortnite will only give me a black screen when trying to game capture it. Seems to have something to do with attempting to hook process: FortniteClient-Win64-Shipping.exe. Here is the log.
  6. R

    Question / Help Windows screen for Fortnite game capture

    Hi all, After hours of reading the forums i still cant figure out the infamous black screen problem. Here is my log file. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  7. L

    Question / Help No preview, black output, only audio for all sources (first time user)

    Hi y'all, I'm a first time OBS user. I want to use it to record short clips for my PhD dissertation from Youtube, Netflix and others. I just spent the last two hours and a half trying to make it work, reading a million posts, and I'm close to giving up on the program, so any help is welcome...
  8. C

    Question / Help Questions about Capture Modes

    Hi, so i know these questions have been asked 1000 times and Ive been reading through them to try to figure out my issue but now im running into a problem i cant quite pinpoint. and have a few other questions. Just to get a few things out of the way, I have already Run it as Administrator, I...
  9. B

    Question / Help 2 major issues

    Hello, I am new to using OBS which is why I'm here ;D. Anyways I have 2 problems being that my recordings are an "flv" file and I was wondering if I could change them into instead becoming mp4 or something similar. The other thing being that in OBS I'm trying to record some Overwatch and I chose...
  10. X

    Question / Help [Solved] - Dell Intel/AMD graphics laptop black display capture workaround

    I have been fighting this for months and have finally figured out a workaround so I thought I would share since I haven't been able to find a solution online that suggested this. Hopefully this saves someone some headache (maybe add this to the blank display capture sticky?) TLDR: With an...
  11. A

    Question / Help Computer Lag

    Hi everyone, I was wondering why my computer was lagging when I was trying to record 1080p League Of Legends Content. My rig should be able to do it with a breeze but I don't know why it can't. Here are my specs: Dell G7 Laptop: I7-8750H 8 Cores 4.1ghz GTX 1060 6gb MAX-Q 8gb RAM 128GB SSD 1tb...
  12. avoca

    Question / Help Recording tilda | Black screen

    Evening! I am trying to record a terminal through obs, running obs the first time though. I downloaded and installed it with the distros build in app manager. I Also used the automated, build in setup assistent. When I record my screen its working fine. If i try to record a terminal - I...
  13. P

    Question / Help Black Screen on window capture (after following advice)

    Hello, I'm trying to capture the screen of the WhatsApp desktop app for Windows using OBS, but I just get the dreaded black screen. My system is an ASUS laptop with dual GPU (this must be the bain of your life at the moment) I've searched extensively online and on this forum and followed...
  14. F

    Question / Help Black screen game capture on PC, no SLI option

    Hi all, I've done a lot of searching on how to fix my OBS black screen issue. When I try to capture a game window, it is rendered black, and earlier today it did the same to my webcam, but that got fixed by removing and re-adding the source. I *think* my problem is that I need to set my GPU to...
  15. P

    Question / Help Basic screen recording is just black

    Hi, I just installed OBS Studio and it seems like a great idea. I tried to do a basic screen recording today but when I opened the video file it was plain black. I tried another one with just the OBS Studio window showing but again the video was plain black. How do I make OBS Studio actually...
  16. B

    Question / Help OBS "Game Capture" won't capture any of my games on Windows PC while trying to stream...

    I tried a lot of things to fix this issue and still can't figure it out. I am kinda new to OBS and would appreciate some help. Logs are listed below:
  17. B

    Question / Help Black Screen/Out of Range Error

    I am trying to stream from my game console to Twitch. Everything is hooked up properly, and OBS recognizes my capture card (Avermedia LGP Lite GL310). I have the drivers and the stream engine installed. The blue light on my capture card is solid. However, in OBS, I am getting a black screen even...
  18. J

    Question / Help Display Capture Black Screen!! Please help!

    Hi, I just downloaded OBS and I am unable to display capture, can you please help! I am able to window capture, which is strange. this is my current log file:
  19. L

    Question / Help OBS black screen ?

    Hello people, I am new with OBS and I know, that this question has been asked very often. But I tried to fix my OBS using the other solutions but it won't work. So my problem is, that I can't record my screen and also my games. I only see a black screen in my OBS window. I run my OBS on an...
  20. B

    Question / Help Computer crashes (black screen)

    It just happens randomly(minimum 30 minutes to maxium 3~4 hours). When computer crashes, fan starts to ramp up and I have to force restart (screen turns off, monitor goes to power saving mode). It was fine when I was using NVENC, but as soon as I started using x264 this happened. Link to log...