black screen

  1. M

    Question / Help OBS black screen when using game capture

    I tried using OBS game capture, but all it shows is a black screen. Display capture works just fine though, xsplit is using game capture just fine, but I would rather use OBS. My log files: Please help me Laptop Specs: -Intel Core i5-8300h -Geforce...
  2. L

    Question / Help OBS Studio Can't Record or show anything (display and window capture) on my laptop

    Please help me!. I tried opening OBS studio to record my screen (display capture) and all it showed was this black screen and nothing comes up.
  3. M

    Question / Help Black Video Creen

    Hello, I am using OBS and trying to video capture a random number generator program called "Rando" which I just downloaded from the Microsoft app store. When trying to game capture it, after I select it absolutely nothing appears on the screen when I try to video capture it, it appears but it is...
  4. Bob Denny

    Bug Report Full Screen Display Capture - Black with 4K/UHD Only

    Here is a video I made of the problem I have. Much easier than to try to explain it only to have "quick-look" readers respond to tell me to switch OBS to my Intel video adapter etc. I do not have a laptop. I do not have two video adapters. This PC has only the nVIdia 1070 and it's running 4K on...
  5. A

    Question / Help Black Screen problem with Oblivion

    very new to obs, it worked fine in the past but now i've got a black screen problem while trying to stream Oblivion. even display capture doesn't seem to work i've tried run as admin, the correct bit for computer is run (64 bit), i don't know what else to try. log...
  6. L

    Bug Report Screen Capture Goes Black When Playing Descent (DXX-Rebirth source port)

    Hey, I just updated to 22.0.1 and am now encountering an issue where my OBS screen capture goes black when I launch the DXX-Rebirth Descent 1 source port. I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, with an i5-3570K CPU at 3.4GHz, and an Nvidia GTX980 graphics card. I also have two monitors. My main monitor...
  7. YuanSa

    Bug Report Cannot catch my screen: Black Screen and zero size.

    When I'm adding a screen source, it cannot show my monitor's image, and it's size is zero. In the main window it shows like below. Notice the top-left corner, a red circle tells the source had already here but had a size of zero. Then I tried to let the source fix the canvas size, is shows...
  8. J

    Question / Help C100 - BM Deck Link Duo 2 - HDMI to SDI converter Problems - PLEASE HELP

    Hi, Brand new here. I'm having problems getting my C100 to connect to OBS. I am running it through an hdmi output from the camera, to an hdmi to sdi converter box, that goes straight into my DeckLink Duo 2 inside of my computer. I keep getting a black display screen in OBS. I've tried to...
  9. T

    Question / Help frozen/black screen when using display capture to stream fortnite in full-screen

    I am attempting to stream fortnite using display capture as it looks more crisp than using game capture. I have recently started playing fortnite in full-screen as i was told it performs better than windowed-borderless. Before this transition into playing in full-screen , I used display capture...
  10. D

    Question / Help Black Screen Game Capturing Borderlands 2

    Hi, So far, every game that I have played and every game that I have used Game Capture for works fine. However, for Borderlands 2, all i get is a black screen and audio. I've tried turning MSI afterburner off, it hasn't helped, and I'm also running OBS as administrator. Also, Display and Window...
  11. V

    Question / Help Help, Skype and Discord Black Screen

    Long story short, whenever I tried to do a window capture for Discord or Skype, it comes up black. I'm using a laptop with a nvidia 1070. The log is right here.
  12. R

    Question / Help Game Capture Black Screen

    Hello! Whenever I try to use game capture, it just turns black, I use a Nvidia GPU and I have tried using integrated graphics and those other options, but it still does not work. Can anyone help?
  13. L

    Question / Help Obs screen capture

    My obs worked fine a few days but now when i click the display capture its truly dark pls help me. I trying the open stream but I can't :(
  14. D

    Question / Help Recording Problem

    When i tried to record game Mafia II with OBS I saw nothing on recording. The screen was just black. I tried lowing down the resolution that that didnt work. I also tried lowing down the resolution in-game and still the screen on my recording is black. :( can anyone help me out with this?
  15. Y

    Question / Help ffmpeg works but OBS doesn't. Black screen for desktop capture and for 'windows' with many other applications

    Hi, I'm one of those people who have the 'black screen issue' because I'm using my laptop and I have an external and an embedded GPU. The problem occurs when trying to capture the desktop, and many of other windows like ... chrome. So pretty much, I can't capture anything. However, using ffmpeg...
  16. P

    Question / Help Black screen after a few hours of streaming on network camera, YouTube

    Possibly solved, see edit below. Here are the logs: I have a network camera running that streams via OBS on Windows to YouTube Live. The stream is supposed to run 24/7, but every morning I find the output and also the preview window to be completely black. When...
  17. M

    Question / Help Black Screen When streaming Resident Evil 7 Windows 10 Edition

    I can stream any other game or window, i even streamed this game's steam version and it runned perfectly, i don't know if it's a windows store + obs thing but i've tried everything with no result. Thank you.
  18. P

    Question / Help Black screen on OBS (window/game capture) HELP

    (I just bought a new laptop a few hours ago, a Lenovo Yoga. I've installed all windows updates and installed OBS. I cannot game capture or window capture anything because OBS stays black. I have tried running as an admin, changing the GPU, and most other solutions. However, I cannot get OBS to...
  19. P

    Question / Help Window capture & Game capture black screen

    I'm trying to stream from my Xbox one to twitch, which works just fine. However, I want to either game capture or window capture the "original/fake" stream from my Xbox and send it to obs so obs can then rebroadcast it to my real channel with the overlay. Everytime I try to add a game capture or...
  20. J

    Question / Help Black screen when elgato connected to obs

    Hello everyone, I just recently purchase a Elgato HD60S capture card. However, in OBS Studio when I add the elgato, I get a black screen every time I select the capture card. Sometimes it'll show up on screen but the go away and stuck again on the black screen! Need Help! I've ran OBS as a...