Question / Help Display capture black after unplugging elgato hd60s


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Hello all,
I am still new at this, and I am basically learning as I go,
I just recently used an elgato hd60s to record my ps4, but I wanted to record my laptop screen to play some pc games and the screen is black, even though I unplugged the elgato from my laptop. I have searched the internet on how to fix this, but everything keeps saying something about going to my nvidia settings, (which I don't have) and I am just lost as to how to fix this. I have a plain old hp laptop
and no special upgrades or anything like that. I just really need some help on how to do this without having to uninstall anything if possible. I appreciate any help I can get!
intel (r) pentium (r) silver n5000 cpu @ 1.10ghz