black screen

  1. T

    Question / Help Black screen upon full screen application

    Version: 23.2.1 64 bit Computer specs: Ryzen 5 2600x | 1050ti | 16gb ram Issue: I normally record my gameplay for the fun of it (i.e Rainbow 6 siege or League of Legends). I used to be able to record game capture just fine with no problems. I even started streaming! Though my game capture...
  2. P

    Question / Help The usual blacks screen

    So, somethings I can capture fine, but sometimes, not really. It appears with a black screen and I don't know what to do. My laptop didn't come with any ATI control panel or anything so that's ruled out. Something I noticed is that most of these happen with programs that have multiple processes...
  3. B

    OBS Black Screen Fix (AMD)

    Note: This thread is aimed primarily at fixing black screens for AMD Laptop users and also Multi-Adapter Graphics Laptop Thingies. Basically, your device has a lot of graphics cards. Ok. So a while ago I used OBS and it worked fine. No black screen, no OBS (Oh this is so B*llShit) moments, no...
  4. S

    Bug Report OBS game capture not working

    Hi I've been trying to get the game capture to work, but the screen is only black and there is a red dot in the corner, please help me.
  5. T

    Question / Help OBS 23.2.1 | Game Capture Source | Black Screen

    Hi guys, My 1st time posting to the forums. I have been using OBS 23.2.1 for about a week now without any issues, however today I am getting a Black Screen using my Game Capture Source. This isn't an issue I have had before and just wanted happening today. I did get it to work for about 15...
  6. Elron

    Bug Report Screen turns black after

    I run into a problem in OBS It records my screen fine, but whenever I try to install something or run something as administrator (whenever the "are you sure you want to run this as admin" pop up opens) The OBS recording turns black, but I see my screen fine. Here's a video to demonstrate...
  7. L

    Question / Help I'm Getting A Black Screen No Matter What

    When I open OBS and I click on a source it just shows a black screen. It does this for all of my sources and when I record or stream it only shows a black screen but still captures audio. I have the latest windows, the latest OBS, and the latest drivers and I've tried reinstalling OBS. Can...
  8. P

    Question / Help OBS will not use Integrated driver, despite forcing it to in the control panel

    So I have been trying to get OBS set up to stream for a while now and I cannot fix this problem. I have read all of the recommended forums on how to fix this problem, and have set the program to integrated graphics, but my log files seem to indicate that OBS is continuing to choose the NVIDIA...
  9. A

    Question / Help CSGO Problem

    Sorry for my English I want to capture the CSGO screen, But it doesn't work. Only show a black screen (in Gam capture mode) pleas help me.
  10. C

    Question / Help BLACK SCREEN: Window Capture / Display Capture both display and window capture are on black screen. What should I do?
  11. C

    Question / Help [SOLVED] OBS w/Canon XA 25 & Blackmagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder - not working

    I was able to setup my system and livestream to Facebook once. As soon as I closed OBS, following the successful livestream, the signal broke and I have not been able to re-establish it. In OBS, I have a black screen when I select the Blackmagic Device source. My system/equipment specs are as...
  12. B

    Question / Help AMD Drivers causing OBS to black-screen. Fixed it by rolling back.

    So a few days ago I updated my AMD Radeon drivers. Nothin' special there. However, when I was going to use OBS, it got a black screen. I was confused. I had already previously fixed the issue and I did not want OBS to OBS me (Oh this is so BullS*it). I did some ADVANCED RESEARCH (searching up...
  13. Sparktite

    Question / Help Got another monitor capture black screen issue for yas. Pls help.

    So i was messing around with different ways to capture my webcam to record separately and i think it may have done something to obs. Could also just have randomly broken its just sorta odd cuz obs was running fine the last time i tried it. I poked around for different troubleshooting guides and...
  14. A

    Question / Help Black screen, read the pinned message, not helpful

    I just updated OBS and now my game captures and display captures are going black. I've removed and re-added them. I've ensured my laptop is 64 bit. I've ensured Nvidia Geforce was not competing with it. I've restarted both OBS and my laptop. my last option is to uninstall the program and...
  15. B

    Question / Help black screen during game capture

    well, I've searched for different solutions of this problem like setting integrated graphics in NVIDIA 3D settings, running OBS as an administrator and so and so further, but still it didn't help. to see it more clearly, there are some screenshots: while adding new game capture source...
  16. D

    Question / Help Screen capture black screen - changed GPU from nvidia to intel, still not working

    Getting the screen capture black screen from obs running on nvidia, but when I change nvidia settings to run obs on intel the program still launches with nvidia (from what I can see in the logs). I can't seem to find anything pointing me in the right direction. What am I missing? Log file...
  17. N

    Question / Help Black screen help

    It seems to be whenever I alt tab when I stream or if I go into a game and come out it will just be black the display capture and game capture will go black and wont display anything until I restart OBS and it does it again. Its hard to explain but I can't get around it. I have tried looking up...
  18. W

    Question / Help Can't seem to record anything but notepad on game capture for a specific window

    I use a Ryzen 7 1700 and a GTX 1070 ti. Having a Ryzen 7 means that I do not have integrated graphics, only dedicated graphics (GTX 1070 ti) Game capture (capture specific window) works on the default Notepad application for windows 10, but nothing else works. Display capture works and the audio...
  19. S

    Question / Help Canvas freezing and going black

    I'm having a issue with the canvas freezing and going black. When the video feed froze I switched scenes and when back and all scenes were black besides overlays. Restarting brought the video back but it shortly cut out again. Everything is set to low and performance and it does this when I'm...
  20. sotrh

    Bug Report Black Screen in 2019 (Version 23.1, Linux Mint 19.0, GTX 940M and GTX 1060)

    I've been looking at making some dev streams using OBS, but I haven't been having much luck. I tried on my laptop which is an Acer Aspire with a builtin GEFORCE 940M, and on my desktop which is a TS140 with a GTX 1060. Both computers run Linux Mint 19.0, have up to date Nvidia drivers (390 in...