Black Screen Game Capture on pc Possible Fix


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I own a pc and have been trying to work obs for a short while. I've used just about every bit of advice and possible fix even dated back to 2012 to now to try to work out the issues. I've ran an administrator on it, I've closed it and reopened it, created a second game capture after deleting the first one, used all the properties in the game capture source, uninstalled and reinstalled obs, alt + tab multiple times, fooled around with the games features with full screen and windowed mode and checked out every possible method with the game capture and the game itself, checked out every setting in the obs and fiddled around with them in hopes for the game capture boss to finally be defeated. There is more I could possibly list that led me to a dead end with frustration, but in the end I found a solution for my situation and hopefully for the person who is reading this.

Instead of using game capture I used window capture and selected the game to capture. If the game isn't showing then make sure to right click the source, go to transform, press fit to screen. It should display the game you selected. If it isn't reaching the borders of the screen then right click the source again, head to transform, then press the button saying stretch to screen. I'm no obs master or pro or even know how well this will work since I haven't tested out much with it, but this could be a possible fix for those who are having the same issues that I was having. I wish you luck and hope you don't go through the same struggle that I went through and hope to see the amazing videos you all make.