game capture

  1. I

    Game capture not working

    Whenever I add "Game capture" as a new source and select my game(in this case minecraft java 1.20.6), the screen appears empty. How can I fix this? log file:
  2. P

    Lag caused by Xbox Game Bar Widgets multiplying

    I had made another thread with a hard to search title, so apologies. I am getting some lag in the OBS interface itself now because of this issue. I use game capture. Whenever I open game capture I see the Xbox Game Bar Widgets show up in the list of things to capture. However, every time I...
  3. H

    Hi I've been trying to capture LOFR BFME ( Lord Of The Ring Battle For Middle earth )

    I've Tried Both Window Capture And Game Capture with no luck. Only get a black screen. Please Help.. PS Game has no windowed mode. Here Is the Log File.. Down Below
  4. M

    OBS Recording Output is Insanely Laggy

    Hello Everyone! I've Just Installed OBS for Minecraft Recording but When I tried recording, It was Insanely Laggy. When I was recording, the PC was working smooth but when I saw the output, the output was INSANELY LAGGY even when I am not running any program in the background. Can somebody help...
  5. L

    where is game Capture?

    I see another capture. I don't see a game capture, why? Please tell me how to fix it.
  6. D

    Too many XBOX game bars appear in OBS Studio game capture.

    when i use Capture specific window too many XBOX game bars widget appear in OBS Studio game capture. When I scroll down to the mouse wheel, I can find the window of the game I want, but it's a hassle to change the screen like that every time. I don't want to see xbox gamebar widgets in obs...
  7. S

    need help with first time trying to stream on obs

    hi everyone, i have an update on my green screen situation i rearranged my desk setup in a different configuration and now have my green screen closer to the back of my chair. i was able to properly chroma key the screen to my liking and satisfaction at least. well i was also able to link my...
  8. T

    Problem with PUBG and game capture

    Hello! I've had problems capturing pubg with game capture since i updated to Windows 11. Log shows OBS is not able to hook into tslgame.exe(pubg) process 15:52:34.814: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] attempting to hook process: TslGame.exe 15:52:34.816: [game-capture: 'Game Capture'] using...
  9. housestationlive

    Automatically reduced window (using game capture source)

    hello using osb for years, decades even, very reliable solution, but recently, since i moved to windows 11, i noticed a weird issue. my game windows is automatically resized and i have a black area on the right and on the bottom, when using "game capture source". plus, i have a temporary...
  10. S

    OBS holds when switching Windows from full-screen Minecraft

    I'm trying to record Minecraft in full-screen with OBS Game Capture, but every time I change windows out of the game, OBS holds at the last frame right before I change (It's still recording, but only that last frame before I switch back into Minecraft window), but the game is still running in...
  11. L


    Hi if anyone can help me the way my brain is fried. Im running OBS on Mac trying to stream games off my PS5 I have the HD60S, Chat Pro Link, Arctic wireless headphones, and another microphone to speak to my viewers. I can hear all the sounds when I have no headset plugged in but the minute I...
  12. P

    Part of right side on game capture source is cut off

    When I select game capture it cuts off the right side when it is set to 4:3 aspect ratio but it works fine with 16:9 in project 64 graphics plugin. I never had this issue when I used obs 6 months ago on an older version (not sure which) but I recently reinstalled windows and re setup Project 64...
  13. T

    Two separate recordings merged into one

    I’ve been running two instances of OBS for about a month now with no issues, one is for gameplay the other for facecam. However after two hours of recording the files have somehow combined into one. Each instance has a specific file to go to once recording is done and are originally recorded as...
  14. C

    Recording Output Issues (Choppy Video)

    Hello, I am experiencing some issues when attempting to record Counter-Strike on my computer. The game itself runs fine and the preview window inside of OBS appears to have no issues but the recording output itself is incredibly stuttery. I have spent the last hour browsing online, and on this...
  15. Polda18

    OBS Studio casually crashing games with Game Capture

    Hello. I wanted to try out streaming from home, since I discovered a fast enough Internet connection at home, but couldn't, because when I tried to invoke a keystroke of Game Capture to start capturing Minecraft 1.20.1, first two times it simply didn't work, third time it crashed the JVM that...
  16. M

    Question about performance with game capture

    I couldn't find anyone asking this specifically, so I wanted to ask: If you use the same game capture in multiple scenes, is it more resource efficient to copy that game capture into each scene that uses it, or is it better to make an empty scene with just the game capture inside, and add that...
  17. R

    game capture doesn't work

    game capture doesn't work video:
  18. R

    Show window when I'm alt-tabbed with Game capture

    I'd like to show my browser window when I alt tab the game but I ONLY wanna show that and wanna hide all the other windows (discord, teamspeak etc.). How to do that?
  19. ThIsLinked

    Multi-window game's

    Good afternoon. Search the Internet, if somewhere explains how to make multi-window, it is only on simple windows. I capture the game through "Game capture" method "Capture specific window". The image in the OBS preview appears, everything is fine. But when I try to add the same source again to...
  20. A

    Game running smoothly but obs video lagging.

    so i wanna be able to record my gameplays in 1080 60fps 12mbps. i can do it at 30fps just fine but i want 60, problem is: with demanding games like ''nier:automata'', the video gets laggy, probably because of high gpu usage, this'd be fine if it wasn't for the fact that the game is running...