Question / Help Cant change default processor and I get a black screen as a result


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It was working fine till I updated my windows a month ago from 1803 to whatever version it is right now. Normally to switch the graphics processor OBS runs on I open the nvidia control panel and switch it to whatever I like. Since I do a lot of display captures, and my display runs on intel, I put it on integrated graphics. However that doesn't do anything, because when I right click OBS, and I hover over the graphics processor option it says my Nvidia is the default. And I even click on the Integrated Graphics in that menu to launch it, and it still gives me a black screen.

The reason Im certain that this is the issue is becauase when I go into device manager, and disable my Nvidia graphics under display adapters and run OBS, it works perfectly fine. However than I can't use Nvenc and other graphic-related encoding methods.

So basically, OBS runs on my nvidia card regardless of what I select it to run with, and that's causing a black screen because my display runs on intel.