1. J

    Having problems with graphics from Facebook live

    Hello, I’m having issues connecting Emmy graphics from Facebook Live which is where I stream from. I clicked add font (it’s añadir fuente in Spanish) and then I add the navegador but after I updated to the 28.1.2 (64-bit windows) update I faced the problem that the graphics don’t show at all.

    Free (With Signup) Animated Browser Overlays with Dockable Controls

    Animated Overlays with Control Panels Live overlays for streaming - OBS Tool Description With you can edit and animate your overlays with easy-to-use dockable control panels. Explore and try any overlays for free without the need to sign up. Signing up for a free account allows...
  3. discorny

    OBS Python XML Data Bridge 0.6

    Modified from Jim's I am not a programmer, so use at your own risk. I hacked this together one day because I needed to get data from a Sportzcast Scorebot into OBS. This uses the XML file created by Sportzcast's LiveXML software and other sources and looks for text sources with names...
  4. S

    Persistent Graphics Layer?

    I am running OBS for a church where we have lower third 'lyrics' play throughout songs. We have multiple cameras, so obviously I change the cameras during the songs - my solution to this is just having a separate pro-presenter graphics layer in each of the scenes, but then when I have to turn...
  5. L

    Window Capture won't show window I need

    I am using Sidearm Sports for our live stream graphics and I have to use window capture to get the google chrome window in order to crop and show the graphics on the stream. What is going wrong and how do I get the window to pop up.
  6. H

    Question / Help Random lines everywhere on window

    What the hell is this? How do I fix it? Ty
  7. M

    Question / Help Capturing issue with Project64 v2.3

    When trying to capture the window it shows nothing but blackness. The thing is using Jabo's Plugin fixes this, but the problem is that the graphics will be messed up and shadows and some textures won't show properly, and I'd like to stream the game with it's proper graphics. The issue only...
  8. U

    Question / Help OBS recording quality not upto the mark

    I have been trying to produce some screencasts with OBS Studio on an Ubuntu Studio where I plan to demonstrate live coding and debugging examples. I am not very happy with the output from OBS Studio in terms of resolution and picture quality. I monitor maxes out at 1366x768 resolution, and I...
  9. M

    Question / Help Cant change default processor and I get a black screen as a result

    It was working fine till I updated my windows a month ago from 1803 to whatever version it is right now. Normally to switch the graphics processor OBS runs on I open the nvidia control panel and switch it to whatever I like. Since I do a lot of display captures, and my display runs on intel, I...
  10. ilicilicc

    Question / Help Problem in switching between integrated and dedicated graphics

    Hello, I have used the OBS studio for some time now, and I was very satisfied with the tool. I did reset of the OS, and now I am facing issues with switching between integrated and dedicated graphics on my notebook PC. For me, the program works only on the integrated graphic card, so even if I...
  11. D

    Question / Help Question about hardware encoding for Macbook Pro's & local recording

    Hey everyone, I currently use OBS for local recordings only (no streaming) and ... I'm looking to buy a new laptop (macbook pro) I use it to record two webcam's plus an external mic (2 Logitech Brio's + 1 Yeti mic) into one file. My question is: Does it make a difference what graphics card I...
  12. Derkin

    Question / Help Advanced Recording Lagging

    Hello, I am having many problems with trying to record on OBS. When I set the recording to 'Simple' mode it seems to record fine but I want advanced so I can record more than one audio track for my microphone. I seem to also have a similar issue with ReLive but I think its to do with the...
  13. M

    Bug Report Window Capture (XComposite) only showing OBS' menu and titling every window as "unknown"

    If I try to attach a window capture to my mixer, it gives me a X of "unknown" windows with either black / OBS menu as the output, X being the amount of windows I currently have open. Sometimes, the first time I open the menu for the window capture it gives me a randomly chosen window (such as...
  14. M

    Question / Help Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated.

    It used to work fine when I havn't installed GPU drivers. After installing GPU drivers, it just showed a dialog and said "Failed to initialize video. Your GPU may not be supported, or your graphics drivers may need to be updated." But wait, I just installed the newest version of graphcis...
  15. M

    Question / Help Black Screen Recording with Dell Inspiron 5759 with Intel i7 6500u and AMD Radeon R5 M335

    I have been using OBS Classic with this Dell Inspiron 5759. It was very good and worked on this computer. I wanted OBS Studio, so I downloaded it. I install it and test it. The only thing it records is a black screen and records the audio. I've been trying to look all over the internet to fix...