Question / Help OBS recording quality not upto the mark


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I have been trying to produce some screencasts with OBS Studio on an Ubuntu Studio where I plan to demonstrate live coding and debugging examples. I am not very happy with the output from OBS Studio in terms of resolution and picture quality. I monitor maxes out at 1366x768 resolution, and I have an Intel i7 processor that can support resolutions atleast up to 2k. With this configuration, while recording on my 1366 monitor, I at least expect to reach 720p HD, but my peers who are viewing my test videos write back to me saying the quality is not even 720p. I have tried every possible setting I could, but none of them seem to be working. I even tried scaling the output resolutions, with no luck. I have seen YouTube videos that are recorded on Ubuntu variants that have reached up to 1080 resolution.

I was hoping somebody on this forum could give me some advice on how can I enhance my recording quality with OBS. Please find attached a sample video snapshot that shows how my recordings look.