resolution 1366x768

  1. mucks

    a lil pixelated and dunno what to do

    okay, so im trying make my streams look decent and without some of the pixels innit. i switched between cpu encoder and gpu encoder to see if its any good, but cant really tell the difference. im struggling with the settings of it and still have no clue what to do with it to make it look better...
  2. ThIsLinked

    Base 1366x768 and output resolution are not identical.

    Hello. My screen resolution is 1366x768. OBS shows the ratio of this resolution as 683:384. I set it to "Base (canvas) resolution". After that, in the "Output (scaled) resolution" line, I can only select a resolution of 1364x768, which is close to mine. Why it happens? Where do these two...
  3. R

    Difficulty with resolution recording quality 1366x768

    Hello, i am starting a Youtube channel for education, which means i am mostly showing text. i am having difficulty finding the best settings to have a very good quality recording, like someone is looking my screen directly. my screen resolution is 1366x768. i have tried recording using zoom and...
  4. S

    Can you record a 1080p(1920x1080) video if you have a 1366x768 resolution monitor?

    Can you record a 1080p(1920x1080) video if you have a 1366x768 resolution monitor? If it is possible, how? Sorry if this is a dumb question XD Im just a begginer in using OBS Studio
  5. gyrodos

    Recording second monitor with higher resolution

    My laptop I am using to to record my second monitor in 1080p still gives a blurry image even after I put the base canvas and output as 1080p
  6. U

    Question / Help OBS recording quality not upto the mark

    I have been trying to produce some screencasts with OBS Studio on an Ubuntu Studio where I plan to demonstrate live coding and debugging examples. I am not very happy with the output from OBS Studio in terms of resolution and picture quality. I monitor maxes out at 1366x768 resolution, and I...
  7. E

    Question / Help OBS Resolution 1366x768

    hi, i'm trying to register minecraft with obs, here are the settings: I have set that obs register at 1366x768 at 30 fps, the problem is that after finishing the recording the output file turns out to be in 1364x768, does anyone have any idea to solve this problem? here is the log...