Difficulty with resolution recording quality 1366x768


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i am starting a Youtube channel for education, which means i am mostly showing text. i am having difficulty finding the best settings to have a very good quality recording, like someone is looking my screen directly. my screen resolution is 1366x768.
i have tried recording using zoom and it is a lot better.
any help?

here is the log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/sua3dS4hnjvVeBXM

thank you.


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You need to tune your settings according to the equipment used by your viewers. Your most important question is not: "how can I create the best video quality for my machine" but instead: "how can I create a video that appears with the best quality for my viewers".

It's also important to note that Youtube will recode everything. According to your log, you use RGB as color format. That's not recommended if you intend to upload to some streaming provider, because the quality you intend to get with that setting is completely lost during the recoding. That format is only putting unnecessary stress on your machine for no use, and it eats bandwidth, so it actually reduces quality instead of increasing it.
Use a frame rate of 30, not 29.99.
These are the recommended settings by Youtube: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171

Then, Youtube will resize every upload to fixed resolutions. See here: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6375112
If you upload a different resolution, Youtube will rescale it to the next lower fixed resolution from that article. If you're recording with 1366x768 and uploading this, Youtube will resize this to 1280x720. This rescaling will make your video blurry, especially if it contains mostly text.

To avoid this rescaling, you need to produce a video with 1280x720 in the first place. To avoid rescaling on your machine, set your Windows desktop resolution to 1280x720, as well as your OBS canvas and output resolutions. This will make your local display appear blurry, because your monitor will upscale it to its native resolution of 1366x768, but the created video will look crisp and sharp, because the content is created with 1280x720, recorded as 1280x720, uploaded to Youtube as 1280x720, not rescaled by Youtube, and downloaded by everyone as 1280x720.

If you intend to produce the next higher resolution supported by Youtube, which is 1920x1080 (or called 1080p), you need to create your content with that resolution in the first place. Since your monitor has only 1366x768, you cannot achieve this without getting an external monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. Then record content from this monitor instead from your built in laptop monitor.


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until now i will not do any streaming, only recording.
okay so what i do is the following:
1. set my pc resolution to 1280x720 and even if it looks bad on my screen is it okay.
2. change canvas and output scale to 1280x720
3. set fps to 30