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    Difficulty with resolution recording quality 1366x768

    Hello, i am starting a Youtube channel for education, which means i am mostly showing text. i am having difficulty finding the best settings to have a very good quality recording, like someone is looking my screen directly. my screen resolution is 1366x768. i have tried recording using zoom and...
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    I have a high-end pc and my recordings still look bad.

    Yes, I increased the bitrate + all other settings gradually before they result in a encoding overload. Specs: i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz RTX 2060 Super OC Z390 Aorus pro 16gb ram More than adequate cooling Here is a recording with the settings, I even rendered according to YouTube's bitrate limits...
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    Recommended settings for recording MS Excel tutorials

    I suspect that this will be an easy answer for someone better acquainted with OBS than what I am. I have struggled for a few hours on creating appropriate settings for recording MS Excel tutorials. I am not concerned about the streaming settings - only the recording. These will then be posted to...