1. M

    OBS Recording Problem

    Hello, I'm having an issue recording to my portable HDD, I can find the path of the folder etc in the drive and record but randomly the recording will crash and say there is not enough disk space and will crash even though the drive has over a TB free, I've search on youtube and can't seem to...
  2. S

    OBS the way to find out if we are on the record

    I use a single monitor and can't tell if I'm on the record without doing alt+tab. I'm asking you to do something that we can understand that we're on the record. "i thought " I started the video recording, but I didn't actually start it.That's why so many of my videos have become garbage. Can...
  3. P

    Separate recording of screen and participant

    Hello, is it possible in OBS to export the screen recording and the participant recording as separate videos after a recording?
  4. C

    GPU or CPU Streaming/Recording?

    Should I be using x264, H264/AVC, or H265/HEVC? Specs: Radeon RX 5700 XT Ryzen 7 3700x 4 x 8gb @ 3200mhz
  5. K

    When Using Animated Overlay for stream, OBS has very high cpu usage

    So when I have another source open (one without the animated overlay) at idle without doing anything, obs is usually 2%, However when I switch to the source with the animated overlay, it spikes up to 20% on idle only. I tried streaming with both sources, I had no problems nor lag when I wasn't...
  6. F

    3840x1080 video shrinked to 1920x1080

    Hi, so I made my canvas 3480x1080 so I can put two 1920x1080 sources side by side and on obs it looks fine but when I open them with vlc media player or premiere pro they look shrinked also here is my log file if you need it
  7. E

    Best OBS settings for very low end system?

    Hi, I'm looking for the best OBS settings for a low end system. Currently I am a windows 10 user on an Intel pentium with Intel hd graphics. I can get 100+ fps in mc java thanks to mods, I tried recording using another program called bandicam, but someone said I should try experimenting with...
  8. B

    I've a good CPU and i've frame loss while recording

    When I try to record the video game "Destiny 2" I have frames missed due to rendering lag. I don't stream, just record. The thing is that OBS only uses like 10% at max during the recording and my cpu it's at 30% at max so i don't understand why it doesn't use more of my cpu. I've tried running...
  9. T

    Audio level fluctuating out of nowhere

    Hello everyone, first time posting here, actually made the account because of this issue. I'm not sure what happened, but a few weeks ago every time I record a video for my channel, the audio level of my mic keeps fluctuating. Some parts it will be really loud, other parts its like you can...
  10. W

    FPS Drops in Recording

    Hello i have a 2pc setup for recording with OBS there is a relatively good Gamer PC and a less high-end gamer laptop with the next specs: Now What I am doing is sending video signal trough NDI into the Laptop and using it for recording(I cant affor capture card rn). So i can game on the main...
  11. D


    I been having issues with obs. I start recording and finish my recording i wanna start a new recording but obs wont allow me too only way i can record again or stream again is if i close obs i am using h264 avc encoder amd advanced media framework. gpu 6900xt & cpu ryzen 9 5950x
  12. SleepyLuc

    OBS Studio won't stop recording

    Hey! I'm trying to record a video, but when i finish recording, it won't stop, i can only force it to stop if i completely close OBS Studio, two things to note is that my GPU has the latest drivers installed and the error also happens with OBS running as administrator, how can i fix this? (log...
  13. wizacs

    OBS recordings lags.

    Hello, since a couple of days ago, I noticed that my recordings are really laggy, even if I'm just recording my screen. I tried reinstalling OBS and changing some options but still, the recordings are the same. I'm recording in 60FPS 1080P, as my native resolution, mp4 output and 14 QPC. I used...
  14. V

    Low CPU usage but dropping frames below 30 FPS

    I've tried every combination of settings and read all the forum posts I can here to troubleshoot, but I am totally stumped. Here is the last log file of the OBS recording that was going well for a few minutes around 5-10% CPU usage but this will happen for a bit and then the recording suddenly...
  15. K

    Best Settings for Primarily Streaming and Recording

    I wish to stream on YouTube 1080p 60Fps Games: VALORANT My specs: Ryzen 5 1600 Asus Prime plus B350 Corsair Vengeance Lpx 8x2 16GB 3000mhz Asus Dual Rx580 8GB Asus Rog Strix Rx560 4GB I want to play games on my rx580 and want to encode on my rx560, what will be the optimal settings so I...
  16. Z

    I stopped recording but my recording didn't show up.

    I checked the show recordings under 'File' but it wasn't there. It's about 2 hours of footage.Here are the log files: Please help me.
  17. 3ncoder

    Audio drop-outs and time-shift in OBS recording

    I mostly do DJ streams and I recently found out something weird in multiple OBS recordings: The track at the top is the audio recording from Audacity and the track at the bottom is the audio of the recorded video. In the Audacity recording everyhting is fine, no drop-outs but in the OBS...
  18. A

    Obs makes the video buggy/freezey

    so I only run into the issue after I finish recording and go view the video. the video has around 1 second long freeze periods then it goes back to normal for around 3-6 seconds then it freezes again. i have had this issue on and off as i change things but I've tried a bunch of different forums...
  19. H

    Best quality setup? What can my build handle?

    Hey guys, I finally build my first pc for gaming but i don't know how to set up OBS especially the bitrate settings. Here is what i got: -Graphics card - Radeon RX 5700XT -Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8core -Motherboard - Aorus B450 Pro WIFI I want to able to record or stream or both. I know...
  20. N

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag (not in game) - FIX

    Hey everyone, I wanted to put this out there because I was having major issues trying to record. My recording would have these frequent and random skipped frames and then go back to normal. I tried everything that was being recommended to me and still nothing. However, I had my recording path...