1. D

    Mac screen resolution

    Hello, I have an iMac 5k retina. When I record the screen I get all the image blurred. I want to screen record my application at the best result. I tried few setting on video preferences but didn't get any result. can you give me any advice on what is the best result (having a moderate normal...
  2. luck_foxe

    Recording stuck/laggy when recording Roblox or any other game

    Hi! I am having trouble recording my videos.. Whenever I try to record a video. The video starts to freeze, but the game doesn't. How can I resolve this? Here I already left my logs to speed up the process:
  3. N

    OBS Studio 28.1.2 Problem with recording software VMWARE

    Guys I can't find a solution to the problem with OBS Studio 28.1.2 I insert from the "sources" column then I choose "capture screen" and I select "selection method" "Windows 10 (1903 or higher)" why when I register with VMWARE with the Windows emulator I put it in full screen it cuts the margin...
  4. H

    Best setup for recording Internet Tab

    Hi, I'm recording a video where I'm trying to capture an Internet tab - the desirable quality I want to achieve is at least HD but no matter what settings I use the small details seem to be blurred. I'm gonna use the material to create Youtube content. Here's an example that's the image from my...
  5. D

    What are the best settings for long recording sessions at 3840x1920 on a GTX 1050?

    I've got a... sub optimal PC for being a content creator but it's all I got right now. It has an i7 9th generation, 32GB DDR4 and a GTX 1050. I (try to) use the "Markiplier method" of recording YouTube videos. I do long recording sessions (avg 1-2 hr) and I've never been able to actually post...
  6. T

    Which is more efficient: OBS recording vs using capture card?

    I am streaming YouTube using OBS and recording with an external capture card. But recently the capture board broke and I am using OBS's recording function to replace it. When recording and streaming using OBS at the same time, isn't the overhead on the PC too heavy? I wonder if it is...
  7. shijoy


    Presently recording in OBS captures screen and audio simultaneously. The volume of the file is bigger, as this also captures, screen, camera, image etc. It is difficult to EXTRACT AUDIO from the video file from the recorder. Extracting audio is a time consuming process Please therefore add an...
  8. HappyTrigger42

    Disparities between recording application and recording screen

    Hello, I am battling to figure out why is OBS ( version 28.1.2 ) giving me a dark overlay when attempting to record my screen and not when recording the application directly ( without editing any settings / not using any filters ) Here is a screenshot of the game itself : And here is the exact...
  9. S


    I have two gaming desktop computers in front of me. One I want to be dedicated for gaming, and the other I want to be dedicated for streaming the games displayed on the gaming computer. The only possible way I can get video from one computer to the other right now is through the OBS Studio NDI...
  10. managerjojo

    Open Replay in Explorer?

    Hi, I record and stream as a hobby, and video edit for a living. Wondering if there is already a plugin to do what I want. Sometimes I can't just download a clip, I need a small section from a youtube video (or sometimes twitch, disneyplus, hulu, etc) and I record or use the replay buffer to...
  11. B

    When i am recording my screen displays low fps while the game is running on 80-120fps.

    It only happens when i am recording when its just open in the background its not a problem cuz it normal then. But when i start recording the screen displays only 30 fps instead of the games real fps. But the fps in the game dont decrease. Please help ty
  12. A

    Stream lags but recording not

    Hi, I have a pretty good pc actually and it should be capable of streaming. When i stream, i only stream and im not recording simultaneously. Now the weird part is, that the recording is smooth af but the stream lags. I got the same settings on the recording and streaming tab (check picture). My...
  13. King Monkey Eleven I

    OBS Recording Stopping Itself

    Greetings, viewers! My problem is, whenever I start recording screen w/ capture screen, the video stops a few seconds in, and when it is supposed to be 8 minutes long, it is 4 seconds long. This might be due to my PC having 2GB of free space or just some lags. One way or another, it stops...
  14. hunterb

    Missing my recordings

    I've been using OBS flawlessly for a while now and the last two times I've tried to record something the video is not in my set output folder. I have the logs from those days and doing the math for counting the frames(at 60fps) I can see that it recorded them. The recording just disappeared and...
  15. E


    Hello when i record my video i look at the folder i chose and they are not there .i tried file and then my recordings but they arent there either. i can reach them with only recording remux feature which i cant even watch the recordings. any thoughts?
  16. velanche

    How To Get Rid of Delay When Screen Recording Via Roland VR-1HD

    Hey Folks: I really, really, really would like to make use of OBS Studio. It has a lot of potnntial for me, both for doing livestreams and for creating pre-recorded video content for YouTube. But either way, I have not been able to overcome this delay of about 2 seconds in the preview window...
  17. K

    Some Games Crash While Recording With OBS

    Hi everyone, I would like to ask your help in this, for a while now some games makes my OBS and Grapich driver to crash. I have been trying to find a solution for a long time, but found non so far. Now I reinstalled my pc with Win11 (used to use Win10) fresh everything, clean install and it's...
  18. G

    My OBS Recorder was working perfectly up til the update before the most recent one

    I was hoping that when I got back on this computer, this latest update would fix that issue, but ofcourse that wasnt what happened. I will post the image of the message I get when i hit the option, "Start Recording" on the OBS Player after this post. The software was working perfectly, in...
  19. A

    Minimizing CPU/GPU workload to stream and record at the same time

    Hi There, I am looking to stream and record at the same time so I can keep the higher quality files, but also not have to double the work load. My understanding is if you mirror your stream and recording settings this is possible. I have setup mine like this, would someone mind taking a look...
  20. P

    Videos are dark for first few seconds then go back to normal

    It usually starts after recording a few sessions in OBS. So i'll record, stop recording, then record again, a few times over. The first few videos are usually fine but then this issue described starts to happen. The log is attached, it'll show 4 recording sessions. I've uploaded the 4 sessions...