1. Z

    I stopped recording but my recording didn't show up.

    I checked the show recordings under 'File' but it wasn't there. It's about 2 hours of footage.Here are the log files: Please help me.
  2. 3ncoder

    Audio drop-outs and time-shift in OBS recording

    I mostly do DJ streams and I recently found out something weird in multiple OBS recordings: The track at the top is the audio recording from Audacity and the track at the bottom is the audio of the recorded video. In the Audacity recording everyhting is fine, no drop-outs but in the OBS...
  3. A

    Obs makes the video buggy/freezey

    so I only run into the issue after I finish recording and go view the video. the video has around 1 second long freeze periods then it goes back to normal for around 3-6 seconds then it freezes again. i have had this issue on and off as i change things but I've tried a bunch of different forums...
  4. H

    Best quality setup? What can my build handle?

    Hey guys, I finally build my first pc for gaming but i don't know how to set up OBS especially the bitrate settings. Here is what i got: -Graphics card - Radeon RX 5700XT -Processor - AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8core -Motherboard - Aorus B450 Pro WIFI I want to able to record or stream or both. I know...
  5. N

    Skipped frames due to encoding lag (not in game) - FIX

    Hey everyone, I wanted to put this out there because I was having major issues trying to record. My recording would have these frequent and random skipped frames and then go back to normal. I tried everything that was being recommended to me and still nothing. However, I had my recording path...
  6. S

    Obs recording comes out sped up.

    I can't find any fixes on the internet so i had to make an account just to ask. Is there a possibility i have to lower my settings on obs? I can send an example of the recording and send my obs settings if that helps. Video...
  7. D

    Stuttering video when recording at 120fps

    I need to use OBS to record at 120fps for good slow mo, but when I set the integer set value to 120 fps the video is really choppy, only displaying 1 or two frames. The audio is fine, and when I switch obs to record in 60 fps it is perfectly fine. Log:
  8. F

    GC553 - Few issues for recording & OBS Setup

    Hello, my pc for stream/rec is: GTX1050ti 32gb RAM Aorus B450M usb 3.0/3.1 SSD M.2 512gb Had issue recording 1080p > upscale to 4k30fps with Avermedia REcentral4 Software. Result is this: < 1080-60 to 4k30 H265 HEVC HEVC Profile - Main Bitrate 240mbps Keyframe 2...
  9. veiledparadox

    Choppy recordings, other threads not helping

    Hey! I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, since I just made my account today. I've been having some issues with OBS, and I remember having this same issue in the past with an older version. I somehow fixed it back then, but I can't remember what I did. Basically, I use OBS to...
  10. PepsiCola

    OBS stuck at "Stopping Recording" and then deletes 4 Hours of Recording

    [2021-05-29 21-39-21] OBS_log I recorded myself playing a game that lasted 4 hours of first impressions. Upon ending the recording OBS' Stop Recording button remained frozen on "Stopping Recording". This is the first time I've had this happen to me and after mashing the hotkey a few times, I...
  11. V

    Minecraft recording issues

    I have a lot of problems recording minecraft with obs. The main one being, the recording lags and stutters so much, whereas while im recording there is virtually no lag. i'm really confused as to why this keeps happening, and am open to any suggestions. thanks a lot for any help! im on a laptop...
  12. B

    Blocky & glitchy video

    So this has happened whilst recording a couple games (fairly difficult to run for my pc, but the fps is always fine whilst i'm recording). the games i've tested it on are Planet Zoo & Subnautica: Below Zero. Its not constant, but the times it does happen are seemingly completely random, though...
  13. S

    Whole PC freezes while I'm recording in OBS.

    Hello, I gotten a new PC about a month ago; so far it was doing great for recording gameplay videos until late last week. Now when I record for a while it will freeze the whole computer and I have to manually reboot the PC. I have the log. Cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600KF CPU @ 3.70Hz GC...
  14. R

    OBS Stops Working when used for a long time

    I have been experiencing this painful malfunction by my obs studio for months now, but no youtube video or post could solve that. Every time am using OBS for Reaction video, it actually works fine sometimes, but when I use it for a long time (hours), Its Starts ducking my audio and the video I...
  15. O

    randomly not recording audio

    hey obs community , im currently using obs to record some of my lectures (nah not to send them around, just so I can rewatch the lecture and take proper notes to it) I'm on a Macbook Pro with the newest version of Big Sur using the iShowU Audio Capture with the midi assistent. At first I could...
  16. W

    OBS recording with Canon EOS R and cam link 4k image quality

    Hello dear forum, I would like to record videos with OBS. But unfortunately, the image quality of the output videos never matches the image quality of the camera. No matter how much I look around in the settings of OBS or the capture device, the quality just doesn't get better or reach the...
  17. L

    Stopping several recordings/streamings remotely on several PCs

    Hi! I have a specific need. We are using OBS on 16 Windows PCs, to record and stream. I am using the following launch parameters: --scene Scene1 --startstreaming --startrecording which allows me to start OBS just as needed. I am using a proprietary software that allows me to launch a Shell...
  18. M

    Recording says on, but the result doesnt give me the full recording

    Hey, I have a problem where I am trying to record something and the button on obs says *Stop Recording* but when I stop recording and go to my videos, It cuts off at 5 minutes of footage when i recorded 1-4 hours of content. I've attached the log file to this thread, I couldn't post a log file...
  19. U

    1080p60 recordings look terrible at corresponding bit rate levels.

    I have always recorded at 50000 kb/s which got me nice quality, but the big downside is that the file size was huge. For a 10 minute video, the file size is 3.3 GB. When I upload to YouTube it takes around 40-50 minutes (I have a good connection with Ethernet) and the final product is a 1080p60...
  20. YoXpertguyZ

    Laggy and choppy frames using GPUas encoder

    Hi I have a rx5600xt and when I use H264 AMD advanced media framework or H265 AMD advance media framework it lags and is really choppy it's fine in x264 but that's not the best quality and I want to use one of the other ones preferably H265 I tried the Auto Configuration Wizard and no luck I...