1. S

    Recording without sound

    Hey guys, Today morning at 9 I made a recording which was perfectly fine. Then, at 1 pm I started another recording of 2 hours. Then I wanted to look whether everything was fine and noticed that there's no sound in the recording. I'm running OBS on Mac that's why I have a Multi-Output-Device (In...
  2. G

    Really Bad quality on Minecraft recordings

    Hi and thank you for reading this and trying to help me. Anyways, putting this in as short words as possible I get really bad quality on my Minecraft recordings to the point where it's unwatchable at all. I've read other people question about the same topic and most of the answers are Canvas...
  3. B

    Recording Encoder keeps stopping.

    I was streaming/recording Left 4 Dead 2 a couple days ago, and the recording kept overloading. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  4. V

    Problem Fix with OBS (Bad Quality)

    Alright, I had this problem and I know a lot of other people have this problem that has the desire to create content, just like me. I'm not gonna waste any time, I'm going straight to the point. First, let me explain why OBS looks bad. So, it's your Bitrate. First of all, I'm going to link a...
  5. N

    RNNoise cuts my voice when I go too high pitched

    Hey everyone, so I've been using OBS for quite a while and have noticed that when I have the RNNoise suppressor enabled on my mic, it will cut my voice out in a weird glitchy type sound when I go too high pitched. In other words whenever I might scream whilst playing a horror game... I know that...
  6. P

    Screen recording gets blurry when zoomed

    Hey there, I am recording my screen but while editing it gets a bit blurry. I am recording a tutorial not a game, so there are not a lot of moving elements on the screen. So in a way, I am asking to record a high-quality recording setting. The following are my settings. I have tried...
  7. E

    Recording MKV files only

    I am recording my streams on my sd card (high quality/definition) but it keeps saving as mkv (which is what i want), but also as mp4 (which i don't, it's a waste of data). I dont see an option to just choose mkv, as a matter of fact i don't see where it says I am also recording as mp4. can...
  8. H

    Lag/Stutter Frame Drops But Game is Working Perfect

    Hello, i tried everything you here are my only hope, i tried everything, modify bitrate put the bitrate higher, modify and record in CQP on 23, CBR on 2500 or 10.000 bitrate no difference, run my obs as administrator, the problem persist. Let me explain really quick, my game is working...
  9. T

    Black skills, minions, even with the sky?!

    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum! Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to fix this? This problem has ruined my stream/recording by a lot :( A real footage from OBS Studio Another real footage from OBS Studio :3
  10. T

    [Crash Report] Obs crashing when stopping recording.

    Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2020-10-17, 01:41:30 Fault address: 7FF97FC08870 (c:\program files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\avutil-56.dll) libobs version: 26.0.2 (64-bit) Windows version: 10.0 build 19041 (release: 2004; revision: 508; 64-bit) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz...
  11. L

    Final video stuttering and not smooth Msi Laptop

    PLEASE HELP Im fairly new to this and i know many people have bin asking about the same thing but when i Record with streamlabs obs or obs the final video is not smooth and stutters sometimes. In game is perfect with no lag at all and is very smooth but video after recording is not. Its not...
  12. bobbylyte

    OBS crashing after 10 minutes of recording

    I'm running Mac OS Catalina version: 10.15.7 (19H2) It's a Macbook 16 inch, bought a few months ago, so it's quite new. Here's the crash text Mac displays: Process: obs [2123] Path: /Applications/ Identifier...
  13. R

    No audio from a recording in Please

    Sound is coming in clear when playing a video from You Tube through sources/Browser. but there's no audio being displayed in my mixer before or after I have recorded the clip. i went into Advanced, and there's nothing that makes it work. what do i need to do to have this function and to make...
  14. V

    Skipping Frames on Excellent pc

    I have a Intel I9-99900K 3.6GHZ (Over clocked to 4.68) 16GB 3600 DDR4 Corsair Vengeance 500GB SSD (Which is where system files and OBS are installed and I save my files from OBS) 2TB Barracuda HDD 7200RPM RTX 2070 MSI Trifrozer graphics card overclocked I always seem to choppy and frame bogged...
  15. N

    Recording/Streaming and another output?

    Is it possible for to me be recording or streaming a camera input, while also sending it out as an output to go to another screen, with it just being the parts that are being recorded, and not all the interface stuff?
  16. T

    File Unplayable

    I have been digitizing old VHS tapes and saving them on a thumb drive. I have successfully saved around 10 hours of content so far. I think I made some unnecessary adjustments to the settings somewhere along the way, because now I get this error message upon attempted playback of all new...
  17. H

    NVENC error

    Hello, I have a recurrent problem with the start of the recording. An error message comes up that says: "NVENC Error: init:encoder: nvEncGetEncodePresetConfig failed: 15 (NV_ENC_ERR_INVALID_VERSION)". I checked my video card's properties and drivers and those should be fine. I don't know how...
  18. P

    Isn't it too much of a size?

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with recording games (R6 Siege) with OBS. So currently I've been testing a lot of presets and settings. I have 1080p, Lanczos and 60 fps set, currently h264 (as using AMD Radeon RX 570) over x264. So in conclusion: -CBR, no matter what bitrate (whether 5000, 8000...
  19. M

    Recording remuxed but file may be incomplete?

    Hi everyone! I'm in a wee bit of a pickle. I have attempted remuxing a 2 hour+ file multiple times and upon googling found that the errors most people appeared to be experiencing were that they didn't have the space available. However, even attempting to remux on a drive with 800 GB did nothing...
  20. S

    Encoding Lag Only in Recordings

    Hi all, For the past few months, I've been having a lot of trouble with recordings. This is because every time I record, I drop frames randomly. More specifically, from encoding lag. This only happens in recordings, though - never streams. If anyone could help me I would very much appreciate...