How To Get Rid of Delay When Screen Recording Via Roland VR-1HD


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Hey Folks:
I really, really, really would like to make use of OBS Studio. It has a lot of potnntial for me, both for doing livestreams and for creating pre-recorded video content for YouTube.

But either way, I have not been able to overcome this delay of about 2 seconds in the preview window. or even when I do a test screen recording using the Roland VR-1HD. I even tried adding offsets in both places, and there's been no noticeable change. I may have to turn to a paid solution like Ecamm Live, which I'm loathe to do but I do know that there's very little offfset when using it. In fact, the same thing in Zoom.

I have been working for weeks to sort this out, even been working with Roland. Surely, someone with this switcher who has been using OBS had had success.

Also, I'm unsure if having an M1 Max MacBook Pro has anything to do with the issue. My understanding is that it otherwise works fine on the Intel side of MacOS.

Any guidance to resolve this would be greatly appreciated; thank you!