1. darkomtc

    Negative delay filter

    Hello. I don't see any post similar to this, but I might be wrong. Sorry in advance. Anyway, I think it would be really helpful if scenes can add a negative delay in filters. How could this be implemented? - Obviously, you cannot render anything before it is happened, but in background it...
  2. B

    Input lag in game when streaming obs

    I am feeling delay when i play and stream at the same time. Specs : i5-9600k RTX 2060 SUPER 16Go DDR4 3200mhz Windows 10 Dual screen, main 144Hz (Game) and second 60Hz (Obs/chat) My files :
  3. L

    Adding Audio delay

    Hey :) I need to add an audio delay. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. If I change the settings 0 ms to 300 ms or 4000 ms, nothing will happen. I tried it on different sources, but the problem is always there. Leander
  4. 2

    Cursor lag while recording on MacOS

    I have the problem that my mouse cursor has a noticeably higher latency/delay when OBS is opened on my MacBook 2019. Specs: MacBook Pro 2019, 13 inch macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 Greetings!
  5. S

    Different Audio Sync Offset (delay) for different scenes

    So I usually stream and record both pc and ps4 games, for pc games I need a 100 ms sync offset for my microphone in order to be in sync with the webcam and the desktop video, for ps4 instead I need higher delay because of elgato HD, it's around 900 ms. For the webcam video I found a solution...
  6. Liminal_Seer

    Game capture delay on scene transitions

    Hello, When transitioning to a game capture scene there is about a 2-second delay between when the transition completes and the game footage starts to be displayed. Before that there's just a black background. My issue seems to be the same or similar to the one discussed in this thread, however...
  7. G

    Elgato HD60s audio becomes delayed after running for around 1hr. Please Help.

    I have an Elgato HD60s connected to my Switch and when I start the program all is fine and though there may be a fraction audio delay (I have the Elgato Audio Monitoring on "Monitor Only (Mute Output)", after about an hour it gradually goes out of sync. Even around the 30 min mark you can hear...
  8. S

    OBS Delay Issue

    Hello fellow OBS users! Yesterday I added 20 seconds delay on OBS to one of my livestreams and today i realized that my delay is 130 seconds. Then, i put it back to 20s and after a while, my delay was 7-8 or more seconds by itself. Why is this happening? Its an internet connection issue? I will...
  9. Z

    OBS continuos audio delay. Help pls.

    Hello everyone, I have been having problems with OBS because when I start streaming on Twitch the audio and the image are synchronized, but then after an hour or two the audio begins to have a delay more and more with respect to the video. Can somebody help me? My Log File...
  10. G

    Audio Delay/De-Sync Over Time (Recording)

    I've been experiencing an increasing audio delay/de-sync while recording gameplay. The delay increases over time and is only in the game audio, not the mic. I have checked the sample rate to make sure they match, tried both 48 kHz, and 44.1. I have tried lowering my "Audio Bitrate" from 320, to...
  11. S

    Display capture delay in-game

    Hello, I was wondering if display capture can cause in-game mouse delay and if yes, how can I remove the delay, my specs are: Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i5-6500 @ 3.20GHz RAM 2x 8gb DDR4 HyperX MSI H110M PRO-VH Motherboard 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB MSI Graphics Card (My GPU never goes...
  12. Exeldro

    Dynamic Delay 0.1.0

    Download Filter for dynamic delaying a video source You can make live video slow down to configured speed for a as long as the set buffer duration allows you and let it speed up to catch up with live on hotkeys. Do rewinds, slow motion and time skipping on live sources. Add the "Dynamic Delay"...
  13. Realicious

    Delay Increasing over time

    Hello OBS community! I was streaming to mixer for a year with no problems. Now that i switched to twitch i noticed one thing: For example if you play a game and just have 50% GPU load (NVENC Encoder) everything is fine. Everyone has 2 seconds of delay. But if you come to the 99% mark for a...
  14. S

    RTMP sources have significant delay

    Using OBS with 3 Hikvision ip cameras. All of them can show realtime video (up to 100ms delay at most) in Internet Explorer, however OBS captures video from these RTMP sources with various delays (current version, 25.0.8 has 1200ms, earlier versions varied between 350ms and 1100ms, all of them...
  15. I

    Question / Help OBS causes FPS drops and unbearable input lag in Fortnite

    Whenever I’m streaming Fortnite using OBS, I get FPS drops and input lag (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called.) In case I’m using the wrong term, I’ll just explain it: the FPS is noticeably lower than normal, and there is a significant delay between me doing something on my mouse and keyboard...
  16. S

    Add video delay yo a video capture ?

    how to add video delay to a video capture. since I do events like etypes and I don't want to delay all my stream because they would lose real time contact with the viewers I just want to add delay to a video capture of a video game
  17. F

    Question / Help Delayed and lackey streaming

    I have problem with my stream in YouTube I can’t stream in a good qualityy My staff: Have a MacBook 2015 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 8 GB of memory Intel graphics iris 6100 1536 mb I want on YouTube streaming with whether it had a elegato 60s But it always jerky Have an upload rate of 4.5 mb And...
  18. erik.tews

    Question / Help Add audio delay for an virtual sound cable on Windows

    Hi I'm using OBS on Windows and I have several video inputs and a microphone. I use OBS Virtual Cam to participate in live streaming via Google Chrome. OBS VirtualCam by default always buffers 3 frames, which means we get at least 100 ms at 30 fps of video delay there and due to the processing...
  19. J

    Question / Help I need help with technical problems o my OBS settings, please guide me?

    I'm trying to do a youtube channel and of course, its video games but mostly retro. I bought component cables from HD retrovision and I could play with better and sharper graphics. I've wanted to record my game footage with a dvd recorder but no player has component input unless its composite...
  20. M

    Question / Help Streaming to localhost via SRT protocol is delayed

    Hello, I am following the guide posted at: On that page, it explains that the delay for SRT should be <1 second, but streaming from OBS to VLC on the same computer experiences a delay around 3 seconds. I am using the method where OBS acts...