1. S

    Delay Issues (Vtuber Avatar)

    Hello I have recently started using a program called Veadotube Mini to make myself a Vtuber, but as of recently, I noticed my mic is out of sync with any game I'm streaming by 300ms, I know this because I tested it with the Advanced Audio Monitor Offset Sync and it fixed the mic problem but it...
  2. D

    delay live

    Please help me. Sorry for Google Translate. My transmission starts normal, but over time the audio lags behind the image and gets much worse after a few hours. I keep adding delays to the image, through OBS, but doing this every day, every 30 minutes is completely stressful, plus it wasn't like...
  3. deverin

    OBS crashes when discord is working (stream to youtube with 300s delay)

    Stumbled upon a problem after recent update of windows (only change that happened in the system, before problem accured) I tried it multiple times, attaching 2 obs-crash logs. Could someone help me, to make sense out of them?
  4. M

    My Elgato Video Capture, and my Microphone capture aren't synced together, and I see a noticeable delay in my voice.

    I usually just use the Elgato itself to record gameplay, but recently I've been wanting to take advantage of the Noise Gate, and the Noise Suppression systems for my recordings. Sadly, while I was testing volumes and how my voice sounds with the background audio, I noticed that my voice is...
  5. D

    OBS Audio Delay with Bluetooth Headphones

    Hiya, Im using Samsung Galaxy Buds on my PC to stream with and Ive noticed that there is a remarkable delay between my desktop audio and my mic. Ive tested a ton of stuff (this issue has been prevalent in my streaming since the day I started almost two years ago) including delays on every...
  6. J

    Audio/Video Delay

    Looking for help or suggestions with my streaming setup. I stream with a PTZ optic camera and use OBS as my streaming software. In OBS I have an audio delay setup for the audio and video to match. However I run into the issue when I try to play a video (not coming through the PTZ optic camera)...
  7. W

    Browser Sources Taking A Long Time To Load

    Hey all, I'm not sure why but I opened up OBS studio yesterday and for some reason my browser sources (from streamelements) are taking a long time to load. When I change scenes and my transition plays, there is initially a black screen and then my scene will load in. However when I load my...
  8. M

    The "Delay from inappropriate content" function

    Hello OBS Project ! OBS Studio needs a function to hide the screen and mute the sound from inappropriate content on Twitch broadcasts, etc. How is it supposed to work? - For example, the delay is set to 5 seconds, “18+ content” appears on the desktop, and the streamer has 5 seconds to press...
  9. L

    Game capture source delay after transition.

    Hi, I have a problem! I have a start scene and a stream scene when i switch from start scene to stream scene using custom transition (small webm file )Game capture source starts with a 2 second delaying.First i see webbrowser sources etc.How fix ? Thanks
  10. S

    Unusual ~30 second delay when streaming

    Hello all, I recently started streaming using OBS on linux and it's working fine, except for an unusual half minute delay. I would talk or perform an action and only see it on stream ~30 seconds later, my viewers have confirmed this issue as well... So far I tried streaming on a PeerTube...
  11. lucidokr

    OBS Lua Simple Meeting Timer 1.0

    # OBS JW Meeting Timer This is a Lua script for OBS Studio that sets a text source as a timer for the JW meeting. **Configuration** The first thing is to create the text sources for the script: - one for the countdown - one for the delay time I have created a default scene used by me in the...
  12. T

    Audio desync on stream only with ElGato HD60S+, I'm desperate

    Good morning everyone. I recently purchased a ElGato HD60S+ to stream on Twitch my gameplay.I'm using a Xbox Series X console, paired with a Astro Mixamp TR 4th gen and Astro A40 4th gen. Due to the lack of optical out on series X, I was forced to buy a HDMI audio extractor to get optical to...
  13. M

    OBS + ZOOM Delay AND Sync Issues

    I am having a lot of problems both with delay (i raise my hand and it doesn't appear for longer than normal) and A/V sync (audio is ahead of video). I have seen similar issues on the forum but I can't change my source to things like "Display Capture". My configuration is as follows: MacBook Air...
  14. T

    Can you add a delay mid stream without ending the stream?

    Hi, I've been watching a streamer called ONSCREEN and when he plays competitve games he adds a delay mids stream, and I was wondering how he did it. Thanks
  15. darkomtc

    Negative delay filter

    Hello. I don't see any post similar to this, but I might be wrong. Sorry in advance. Anyway, I think it would be really helpful if scenes can add a negative delay in filters. How could this be implemented? - Obviously, you cannot render anything before it is happened, but in background it...
  16. B

    Input lag in game when streaming obs

    I am feeling delay when i play and stream at the same time. Specs : i5-9600k RTX 2060 SUPER 16Go DDR4 3200mhz Windows 10 Dual screen, main 144Hz (Game) and second 60Hz (Obs/chat) My files :
  17. L

    Adding Audio delay

    Hey :) I need to add an audio delay. Unfortunately, I cannot do that. If I change the settings 0 ms to 300 ms or 4000 ms, nothing will happen. I tried it on different sources, but the problem is always there. Leander
  18. 2

    Cursor lag while recording on MacOS

    I have the problem that my mouse cursor has a noticeably higher latency/delay when OBS is opened on my MacBook 2019. Specs: MacBook Pro 2019, 13 inch macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7 Greetings!
  19. S

    Different Audio Sync Offset (delay) for different scenes

    So I usually stream and record both pc and ps4 games, for pc games I need a 100 ms sync offset for my microphone in order to be in sync with the webcam and the desktop video, for ps4 instead I need higher delay because of elgato HD, it's around 900 ms. For the webcam video I found a solution...
  20. Liminal_Seer

    Game capture delay on scene transitions

    Hello, When transitioning to a game capture scene there is about a 2-second delay between when the transition completes and the game footage starts to be displayed. Before that there's just a black background. My issue seems to be the same or similar to the one discussed in this thread, however...