How to record separate clean video sources while streaming (without the plugin "Source Record")?


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Hey all,
I'm getting desperate here.

I create youtube videos and want to combine this process with my Twitch stream. So far, I've recorded my videos without streaming and I had my recording resolution set to 3840x1080px with my camera on the left side and my gameplay on the right. This way, I could cut the video in my editing software and get two separate Full-HD video sources (one of my cam and one of my screen).

But here's the problem: I don't want to stream with this resolution but with 1920x1080 instead. I also don't want to use my streamed VOD for editing the video because there's my streaming overlay and my facecam is only small visible there.

I've now heard about the plugin "source record" which gives you a separate video of your chosen sources. This way, I could easily stream and still get two clean Full-HD videos of my camera and my gameplay recorded in the background. Unfortunately, this plugin still seems to be quite buggy. I first had to downgrade OBS in order to get it working and the finished videos of my Cam and my desktop were laggy.

I then thought about streaming and recording at the same time with two different OBS versions (streaming with 1920x1080 and recording with 3840x1080). However, my computer isn't powerful enough and the recording was laggy again.

Is there anyone who knows how to achieve this? I basically want HQ video material for my Youtube videos without any visible streaming overlay.