1. 23AndyRT

    I want to record all but 1 scene or stream a scene/source

    Hi everyone, I have a question, I would like to stream and record at the same time but obviously with a quirk. I want to record all but 1 scene. This scene has an image of technical difficulties that can be streamed but I don't want it to appear in the final recording. What I'm saying is I...
  2. S

    How to record separate clean video sources while streaming (without the plugin "Source Record")?

    Hey all, I'm getting desperate here. I create youtube videos and want to combine this process with my Twitch stream. So far, I've recorded my videos without streaming and I had my recording resolution set to 3840x1080px with my camera on the left side and my gameplay on the right. This way, I...
  3. T

    Menu options not working/Invisible

    OBS just randomly stopped working properly. The menu options at top (File, Edit, View Docks, etc) are not working. They are greyed out as if unusable. Also, I cannot use the menus at the bottom to add sources or scenes. Although, I figured out that the scenes menu just seems to be invisible. If...
  4. D

    OBS Python Show / Hide Transition Timers for Multiple Scene Items / Sources v0.1

    Hey there! So, this is a python script that will allow the user to have multiple timers that will trigger the scene item's (or "source's" as it's called in OBS) show / hide transitions. This is a pretty alpha version, so bugs may be present. The repeat timer was extensively tested by me to...
  5. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Audio Status Monitor 0.7

    Add a visual aid showing the Mute/Unmuted state for Audio Sources using Source Dock. Thank you Exeldro for your input on this. To use this script: Create a new <scene> and add only two sources: one <text source> and one <color Source> Name the New Items something sensible that will be...
  6. D

    A way to have sources all transition when you swap to a scene in OBS?

    I'm sorry for not being too clear in the title. I have an "end stream" scene in OBS that has my blur, socials and graphics showing what i'm playing currently, what i will be playing next, and what i have coming soon. I'd like to try and make it more animated so that the sources all come onto the...
  7. R

    [Solution for In-App video switcher] Multiview for SOURCES

    Feature Name: Advanced Source Switcher & Source Multiview (dockable/window/fullscreen) Caution: Bad English grammar ahead. Abstract Multiview for multiple scenes is already great, I know. But it's inefficient if you plan to use 1 scene per camera and it looks unorganized and intimidating if I...
  8. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  9. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Moving from SLOBS to OBS

    I'm running SLOBS - when I stream my CPU usage is around 45% - I have 4 scenes, with 8ish sources in the larger ones. I have had bad experiences with OBS on Mac before - freezing up mostly. I'm looking to take advantage of plug-ins though, so I'm back! The question is this - what's the best way...
  10. CubeNerd67

    Audio from sources not outputted to stream

    I added music and my audio (mic and desktop) in my sources on my normal live scene so I didn’t have to mute my mic if I went to my be right back scene but none of the audio goes to the stream except some music I put on my be right back scene. Why doesn’t it go to the stream? log file...
  11. J

    Run a 2nd (inbuilt) webcam through OBS?

    Hi I am on windows 10 and already have my USB Logitech webcam set up and working well using OBS. Is it possible to also set up a 2nd webcam (my inbuilt laptop webcam - Dell XPS13) to stream 2 screens at the same time. When I create a new source only my USB Logitech webcam shows up and there is...
  12. K

    Sources within a scene not showing

    Hey Can anyone help me with an issue I'm having - it seems that sources in my scene just won't open - I have a number of video clips that should trigger when points on my twitch channel are redeemed or I can trigger them using a streamdeck. I've uploaded my log from the weekends stream - the...
  13. W

    Need help with voicemeeter setup

    I am trying to separate the sounds from my game, my desktop, my mic and my browser using voice meeter potato. I am having a great deal of trouble figuring out how to properly assign inputs and outputs. I have tried to isolate sound from a game; in this example, Endless Sky; but my chrome...
  14. Psebcool

    Ability to create sub-folders among sources

    For better sources management, like this : Thanks !
  15. draskown

    Setting source on the scene visible depending from the scene I'm switching from

    Example: I have Scene 1, Scene 2 and Default Scene. In Default Scene I have two sources: Image 1 and Image 2. If I'm switching from Scene 1 to Default Scene 1 want to display Image 1 and when I'm switching from Scene 2 I want to display Image 2. So my question here is: does anyone know any...
  16. A

    Recording source audio without interfering with the PC audio

    Hi guys. I'm new here, as you can notice by my ignorance. I would like to record a source, a video on a website, and record the sound of the said source without capturing at the same time my PC's audio. What is happening is that I get two sources of audio mixed together and that's obviously not...
  17. P

    Media Sources in OBS Desynced (Too Early)

    Hello, we are having a problem and can't fix it. On our stream we have everything synced fine, Webcam/audio/game, but when we trigger our media sources they show up before we've pushed the button in the video/audio webcam capture. We've tried delaying the sources in obs to match our capture...
  18. P

    Advice on streaming live video from periscope

    Hi, Not sure if right thread - looking for advice on how to stream live video from periscope as source into OBS then back out into periscope/YouTube with added graphics/Titles ect - can this be done? thanks in advance
  19. C

    Question / Help Source summary menu is not updating the source list when I add a new Source

    Hi All, I am in the need of finding the reason behind this. I am streaming several times per week with a composition that is basically a phone call with multiple participants using NDI via Skype. So far so good. The point is that since I updated the new version in some cases (not always) when...
  20. F

    Question / Help iOS not available in SOURCES MENU

    Hi everyone, There is no iOS button in SOURCES Menu. Do you know how to fix this ? macOS Mojave 10.14.5, and I have OBS Studio App Thank you all. Fabien