1. M

    Is it possible to place, frame and make ready newly imported video sources in Preview?

    Hello world, Is there a way to setup a Scene in the preview panel? I ask because if I'm running a Live Stream and I'm given a video to play out when I bring in the video as a new Source the only way I can currently see how to frame it/centre whatever is by hitting Transition and then I have to...
  2. S

    help with adding game source under sources window and how to configure it for streaming

    hi everyone, im gonna b trying to play my computer game on my gaming pc within obs and need some help in trying to add it under sources menu so i can open the game and start it up as when i try to stream with it i kinda tried it before but it didnt turn out too well. and any settings i should...
  3. Gzalotar

    Browser Source: can I detect events taking place inside the website?

    Concretely speaking, I want a scene to automaticallly change for another one if certain thing happens in a website, one that its content is shown in a Browser Source. Is this posible with some sort of macro or script? I'm familiar with the existence of Event Listeners in JavaScript but IDK how...
  4. LunaGore

    Audio Sources Stuck When Disabled

    ISSUE: All of my audio sources are added to a specific scene "Audio Sources" so I can toggle them between scenes and only add certain ones if I want. However, for some reason I have some that are "stuck" even if I toggle the sources or switch to a scene without any audio sources. Everything...
  5. D

    MacBook built-in camera not working after opening OBS

    I am using a MacBook Pro early 2015 running macOS Monterey. Every time I open OBS it doesn't recognize my built-in webcam as a source and then any program I've got on my Mac can't recognize it, for example: I open OBS, then I open FaceTime and it says "No camera available". Nothing changes if I...

    LESS SOURCES BETWEEN 27.1.3 and 27.2.3?

    Hello, was there a drastic change in the amount of source options between releases 27.1.3 and 27.2.3+DFSG1-1? Release 27.1.3 has been my best OBS/Linux experience yet. I am still noob and have a lot of rudimentary questions. Apologies for image quality.
  7. E

    All Scenes and Sources disappeared

    Was recording some things, quit the app, came back from lunch, started OBS back up and everything was missing. No system update or any changes to my OS / Mac were made. Super weird, yes I am a little sick to my stomach at the thought of having to rebuild everything. Log enc.
  8. S

    Show active sources on second monitor

    Hi! I have some "Valorant flash" sources on my OBS VFXs scene that people can trigger with channel points. The way it works is people reedem a reward, SAMMI detects it and chooses one of a number of videos sources to make visible for a period of time (which are the flash animations from...
  9. H

    My source list keeps disappearing on the latest version and my capture card audio won’t work unless I update

    Hello! As a streamer who frequently plays games off of my capture card, this has been an issue for me for a while. Currently, I’m stuck on version 27.2.4 and my capture card audio wouldn’t work for a while. So, I tried updating my client and the audio works, but the source list won’t show...
  10. 23AndyRT

    I want to record all but 1 scene or stream a scene/source

    Hi everyone, I have a question, I would like to stream and record at the same time but obviously with a quirk. I want to record all but 1 scene. This scene has an image of technical difficulties that can be streamed but I don't want it to appear in the final recording. What I'm saying is I...
  11. S

    How to record separate clean video sources while streaming (without the plugin "Source Record")?

    Hey all, I'm getting desperate here. I create youtube videos and want to combine this process with my Twitch stream. So far, I've recorded my videos without streaming and I had my recording resolution set to 3840x1080px with my camera on the left side and my gameplay on the right. This way, I...
  12. T

    Menu options not working/Invisible

    OBS just randomly stopped working properly. The menu options at top (File, Edit, View Docks, etc) are not working. They are greyed out as if unusable. Also, I cannot use the menus at the bottom to add sources or scenes. Although, I figured out that the scenes menu just seems to be invisible. If...
  13. D

    OBS Python Show / Hide Transition Timers for Multiple Scene Items / Sources v0.1

    Hey there! So, this is a python script that will allow the user to have multiple timers that will trigger the scene item's (or "source's" as it's called in OBS) show / hide transitions. This is a pretty alpha version, so bugs may be present. The repeat timer was extensively tested by me to...
  14. GrumpyDog

    OBS Lua Audio Status Monitor 0.7

    Add a visual aid showing the Mute/Unmuted state for Audio Sources using Source Dock. Thank you Exeldro for your input on this. To use this script: Create a new <scene> and add only two sources: one <text source> and one <color Source> Name the New Items something sensible that will be...
  15. D

    A way to have sources all transition when you swap to a scene in OBS?

    I'm sorry for not being too clear in the title. I have an "end stream" scene in OBS that has my blur, socials and graphics showing what i'm playing currently, what i will be playing next, and what i have coming soon. I'd like to try and make it more animated so that the sources all come onto the...
  16. R

    [Solution for In-App video switcher] Multiview for SOURCES

    Feature Name: Advanced Source Switcher & Source Multiview (dockable/window/fullscreen) Caution: Bad English grammar ahead. Abstract Multiview for multiple scenes is already great, I know. But it's inefficient if you plan to use 1 scene per camera and it looks unorganized and intimidating if I...
  17. A

    NDI HX Capture isn't streaming to OBS

    So, I'm not a developer or engineer or any kind of that stuff, but here is what's happening. Basically I've bought the NDI HX Capture iOS app to broadcast my iPhone screen (to stream a game) and it is not receiving the image, but supposedly is recieving audio because it shows in the audio mixer...
  18. EnzoCast

    M1 MacBook Pro - Moving from SLOBS to OBS

    I'm running SLOBS - when I stream my CPU usage is around 45% - I have 4 scenes, with 8ish sources in the larger ones. I have had bad experiences with OBS on Mac before - freezing up mostly. I'm looking to take advantage of plug-ins though, so I'm back! The question is this - what's the best way...
  19. CubeNerd67

    Audio from sources not outputted to stream

    I added music and my audio (mic and desktop) in my sources on my normal live scene so I didn’t have to mute my mic if I went to my be right back scene but none of the audio goes to the stream except some music I put on my be right back scene. Why doesn’t it go to the stream? log file...
  20. J

    Run a 2nd (inbuilt) webcam through OBS?

    Hi I am on windows 10 and already have my USB Logitech webcam set up and working well using OBS. Is it possible to also set up a 2nd webcam (my inbuilt laptop webcam - Dell XPS13) to stream 2 screens at the same time. When I create a new source only my USB Logitech webcam shows up and there is...