Add a visual aid showing the Mute/Unmuted state for Audio Sources using Source Dock.
Thank you Exeldro for your input on this.

To use this script:
  1. Create a new <scene> and add only two sources: one <text source> and one <color Source>
  2. Name the New Items something sensible that will be easily recognised, such as for example:
    • 'Status text [Mic]'
    • 'Status color [Mic]'
  3. Install the Source Dock plugin
  4. Download and install the Audio Status Monitor lua script.
  5. Open up the Scripts dialog (Tools -> Scripts)
  6. Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select AudioStatusMonitor.lua
  7. Configure the Script properties:
    1. Select the Source for Monitor,this is the Audio Source you wish to monitor
    2. Select the Scene you created in STEP 1
    3. The 'Colour Source' and 'Text Source' should autofill if you only have one of each in the scene, else select the correct source
    4. Then define the colors as desired (these steps should be easy to configure)
  8. If you want to use the Script multiple times, rename a copy of the Script to something unique, and start again from STEP 1
    1. An example of file rename could look like this:
      • AudioStatusMonitor[Discord].lua
      • AudioStatusMonitor[Mic].lua
      • AudioStatusMonitor[Spotify].lua
The user define the relevent sources and this Script will update those sources depending on the selected audio source's mute status. The scrip changes the color for the sources 'color', 'text' and update 'text' contents depending on the audio source's mute status.

To add the scene in its own viewable dock, you will need Exeldro's amazing Source Dock plugin.



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