Score Board

OBS Lua Score Board 0.1

OBS Text Source based scoreboard triggered with hotkeys.

1: Use this for the timer
2 to 5: Assign a <text source> for a numeric incriment container

Design any layout you need

Update values with a Hotkey!



Add Text Sources as needed.
Assign Hotkeys to add or subtract points

To use this script:
  1. Download the Script from the download link and place the file in your script folder :
    • C:\Program Files\obs-studio\data\obs-plugins\frontend-tools\scripts (Windows)
  2. You may rename the script to any name that makes sense to you.

  3. If you need to use the script multiple times, you may also duplicate the script and provide each copy with a unique name.

  4. Open OBS

  5. Create a new <scene> and add up to 15 x <text source>:
    • Each text source will serve as the numeric incriment container.
    • Optional Sources you may use:
      • Text Sources are grouped in 3 groups of 5, but the can be used in any order
      • Eeach text source has two Hotkeys, one to increase, one to decrease the assigned incriment.
      • The incriment value can be adjusted
  6. From OBS Menu, open up the Scripts dialog found under 'Tools -> Scripts'

  7. Click the Plus '+' to add a new Script, select the file 'StopWatch.lua'

  8. Configure the Script properties:
    1. Select the Source for the Incriment container, this is the Text Source that will render your value.
    2. Assign Hotkeys for the 'Reset', 'Add' and 'Subtract'
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