1. xaer_dev

    Shortcuts/Hotkeys not working with "virtual" keyboard

    Hello everyone! I am trying to create from scratch a 4 key controller to use it as a scene controller using an arduino uno and some python scripting, but I am having a little problem. When pressing a button on my controller I translate that key press in 4 different "shortcuts" using the...
  2. O

    Non-OBS Script Send hotkeys to OBS from PowerPoint

    This script is similar to PowerPoint macro for controlling OBS. They both send hotkeys from PowerPoint to OBS. The difference here is the hotkey commands are stored in the section name. For Example a section name is set to 'hotkey=%{F5}" (Alt + F5). When a slide in this section is displayed...
  3. G

    hot keys no longer work

    When I make my streams I use shortcut keys to change the scenes and it worked, but lately when I’m in an app it doesn’t change the scene like it did and it ends up disturbing my live, when something I don’t want to appear, I click on my shortcut key and it doesn't change.
  4. T

    Hotkey Help

    In my use case i switch back and forth between OBS and Easy worship for who gets the PC's Focus on Easy worship I use the arrow keys to navigate through the slides that I need to display, If OBS is the focus as I was changing scenes to move the camera or what-not using the arrow keys will switch...
  5. J

    hotkeys working but not in when in game

    I have set up hotkeys to change scenes and they work when other windows are in focus like the internet or folders, but when I'm in a game they stop working, how can I get them to work when playing a game too? I have got the Hotkey Focus Behavior option set to Never disable hotkeys not sure it...
  6. I

    [HELP] Gamepad (G29) not able to set-up PTT with hotkeys.

    Hello, I'm encountering the issue of OBS not picking up my gamepad inputs. I'm attempting to assign a button on my wheel for PTT through OBS, and it's not being recognized. I've scoured the internet for solutions, including YouTube and even on here. I've found 1 forum which references the same...
  7. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: obs-filter-hotkeys - Filter hotkeys for OBS Studio Read more about this resource...
  8. U

    OBS Lua obs-filter-hotkeys 0.3.1

    Screenshots hotkeys video audio Setup Download scripts, add via Tools > Scripts > + button (path to script) Usage Select source with filters, add Filter hotkey filter to it. In settings bind hotkeys for each filter.Note: 0 - means disable filter , 1 - enable Current limitations...
  9. H

    How do I turn off youtube hotkeys

    Hello! How do I turn off the youtube hotkeys? Sometimes I show clips straight off of youtube. I had Hotkeys set up on my keypad, but everytime I hit a number to change scenes it would also trigger the youtube hot dkey. So I moved the hotkey scenes to the line numbers and youtube has now...
  10. U


    upgradeQ submitted a new resource: OBS-VirtualChat - Write to text source , using only keyboard. Read more about this resource...
  11. d0ped0g

    distinct hide/show hotkeys across separate instances of same source are rebound to match/duplicate the first instance when OBS is reloaded

    Hi, Long story short: if you set up hotkeys to show/hide individual source instances within a scene, if you have multiple instances of the same source, yet assign distinct hotkeys - it will work until you restart OBS studio. But as soon as you restart OBS studio, it will double-up the hotkeys...
  12. Bombastic

    Hotkeys don't work globally

    I've set up hotkeys to switch scenes, but I've just noticed that while I'm on any other application, my scenes aren't switching via hotkeys. Any ideas on how to fix for this? OBS version: 25.0.8 OS: Mojave Device: Macbook Air Hotkeys: Start/End Stream: Fn + F1 "Screen" Scene: Fn + F2...
  13. M

    How-to disable the ootb F11 (fullscreen interface) hotkey

    Dear forum, I use plenty of hotkeys for switching scenes or visibilities of sources. This works like a charm especially in combination with a script which hijacks for example my keyboards' num pad. So far so good. As the key pad run out of keys a while ago, I want to use the standard function...
  14. O

    Bug Report Hotkeys stop working mysteriously

    Hi guys, I have a weird bug on my OBS setup. I've search on a lot of internet pages but I did'nt found help. My problem is pretty easy: I'm using OBS 25.8.0 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.4 and I'm using shadow to play games (RDP based streaming application to Windows cloud computer =>...
  15. JurgenW

    Joystick or Gamepad as a scene switcher

    I've been looking around for a while to find a way that would allow me to do something like what a Stream Deck does (but just without the cost of it). Hotkeys in OBS have their limitations: You have to choose keys that don't interfere with anything else Using a keyboard for hotkeys means you...
  16. C

    Bug Report Faulty new 'Video Source' playback controls? or user error?

    I've been trying to use the hotkey playback controls for 'Video Source' to Play (hotkey 1), Pause (2), Stop (3), Restart (4). But the video is completely non-responsive to the hotkeys most of the time. It will work occasionally. Another thing that happens, is the video will "Restart playback...
  17. T

    Question / Help Wireless keyboard not recognised when woken from sleep

    I have a wireless number pad that I am using to trigger scene changes. I have assigned a different number on the numpad to a dedicated scene and that does the job for me. However, if I do not interact with the wireless numpad (bluetooth) for a specific amount of time (I haven't managed to...
  18. Jaypoc

    Question / Help Can hotkeys be assigned to Scene Transitions drop-down options?

    Is there a way to assign hotkeys to the transition selection? I'm programming my Stream Deck which can call any keyboard hotkeys, or select and transition to a particular scene in OBS Studio. The workflow I'm looking to achieve is to assign buttons/hotkeys on the Stream Deck to CUT, FADE...
  19. P

    Question / Help Hotkeys for recording don't work

    Hey guys, So recently I was trying to record a gameplay using OBS but for some reason, my hotkeys wouldn't work. I tried to record a short video (like 10 sec, just to test) by pressing the keys I assigned to start and end the capture. After I minimized the game and went to my recordings folder...
  20. BigboiBluewolfy

    Question / Help Need help with recording binds

    Hi, I am new to OBS Studio, And I want some Start/Stop Recording binds for OBS Studio, I know how to change them, but I do not know ones that would work with games that I play (Like ROBLOX, Beamng drive, Amazing Frog etc.) All suggestions will be appreciated, thank you, everybody, who helps.