Hotkeys “on key let go” option


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You should be able to choose whether hotkeys activate when you press down on the key, or let go of the key. It might sound unnecessary, but hear me out.

I want to be able to look at sensitive info (well, not that sensitive. Ingame player positions, just worried about stream-snipers.) while streaming, and the way to look at it in the game I play (Minecraft), you do it by pressing F3.

However, the problem is that Minecraft registers the key press when you let go of the key, while OBS registers it when you first press down on the key.

That means when you hide the screen showing your position, OBS hides the overlay a split second before the position itself hides, giving viewers a glimpse at my position.

That’s only one way this could benefit people out of many other reasons, this could help out in a lot of ways.