1. CurlyBlonde

    How to stream to multiple websites using the RTMP/Stream key ?

    Hey , I am using OBS to stream on two sites using the OBS virtual camera , however I'm only getting 720p quality on a 1070TI & I5-8500 CPU & 32GB RAM I would like to be able to stream @ 1080p and I'm not sure how to do it ( I'm a newb when it comes to this ) but I would like to know if it's...
  2. tobisk

    Output Key/Fill without Decklink Card

    I am using OBS to play out Graphics to a Video Mixer (ATEM Mini). At the moment, I am outputting via one HDMI and using either Luma key (where possible) or Chroma Key. However I just ran into the issue, that I wanted semi-transparent sections of an image that contains black and white, so neither...
  3. S

    Multiple keys configuration for Push to Talk? (Edit: this is already implemented)

    this is maybe a silly request. but, in ArmA3 I use two keys for push to talk, is a RADIO TASK FORCE mod, one button is for the Radio Comms and other one for Direct Voice Comms. So, for example, if I set OBS to Push to Talk, the mic will only record the Direct Voice but not the Radio. Now, if I...
  4. Z

    Question / Help Help with chroma key

    I’m new here and not really sure where to post this so I apologize. I’ve been using chroma key flawlessly for the past year. Yesterday I attempted to stream my chroma key is spotting on my face and mic. I am almost positive it is from light coming off of my monitor. The game I am playing is...